A 5-minute guide to every bag you can try with the dirndl

bag guide for dirndl

The most essential accessory for a lady is a bag, no matter the occasion. And it is more important with a dirndl while you attend the Oktoberfest, dancing the night away indulging in the golden puffs of beer glasses. It is rightly said that a girl’s bag carries a whole universe in it, but you cannot carry any bag during the festive season. 

The options in this category are diverse, including traditional and trendy designs. We have prepared a list of the conventional dirndl bags and the most debonair styles for this year’s Oktoberfest. Let’s dig in!

Traditional Bags For Dirndls

The bags with classic elements and custom designs are always captivating. The Bavarian culture typically comes up with bags crafted of leather or suede, which is an outstanding feature to don during the festive season. One thing you must remember before buying the bag is that it should not be too small or too big because both will be inconvenient and useless at Oktoberfest. Let’s look at some of the variations. 


Floral handbags are a big hit among the local Bavarian ladies. A green pure cotton bag with contrasting red straps and floral embroidery is an ideal choice with a classic cotton dirndl blouse. It would be super cool to match the fabric of your outfit with the bag. 

A leather handbag in contrasting hues of light blue base and brown straps is an attractive choice. It has separate sections and even a mobile pocket for comfort and convenience. 


If you’re a minimalist gal, a wallet clutch made of suede is your best bet. It comes with three different compartments for maximum storage, and you can carry it around easily on the festive grounds or across the huge beer stalls. A black or burgundy shade will look best in this category. 

Edelweiss Designed Bag

The conventional Edelweiss design handbag is one of the most classic options. Crafted from gliding and crimped synthetic leather, an edelweiss logo, silver tassels, and a Bavarian emblem on the closure complete this accessory perfectly. 

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Costume Bag

An artistically adorned traditional costume purse paired with a vintage dirndl is sure to turn heads at Oktoberfest. This classic costume bag draws attention with its intricate embroidery of deer and edelweiss. The contrast hem, which is a little darker, strengthens the frame. A thin strap guarantees cozy comfort.

Antique Bag 

An excellent choice is the Trachten bag in antique style with coin inlay. The stunningly genuine finish on this leather bag makes it one-of-a-kind. This folk bag is a truly retro throwback. At the festival, the silver-look coin appliqué will create a particularly eye-catching element and is regarded as a good luck symbol. 

It comes with plenty of storage and can be closed with the attached buckles. This item can instantly change into a shoulder bag thanks to a hinged and adjustable crossover strap.

Stylish Bags For Oktoberfest Dirndl

Tradition is a great ingredient to mix up with the Bavarian tracht, but the chic and sophisticated designs of this year’s trends will amp up your bag and dirndl game at the festival. The festive fall season of this year is all about chunky chains and geometric patterns on bags. 

Chain Bags

In 2021 and 2022, chain bags have continued to be popular. The modern bag designs are significantly marked by sparkling metal embellishments. However, they have gotten a more classic charm this year.

The remodeling of classic chain bags demonstrates that chunky chain features are one of this year’s traditional trends. Pairing these chain purses with a classic Bavarian tracht will bring out your inner diva.

Moon Shapes

This year, a geometric silhouette resembling a crescent moon is dominating the bag trends. We suggest you buy this for the upcoming festive season because it will give your Oktoberfest dirndl a minimalistic yet stylish feel. These fuzzy bags are timeless thanks to their buttery soft leather and simple, modern shapes.


This specific bag is our favorite pick for the festive season this year. The minaudiere is a tiny, square, oblong, or oval-shaped inflexible metal evening bag that is mostly used to contain cosmetic items. It’s a decorative clutch that typically has lots of shimmer and jewels added to it. 

This classic piece of accessory has evolved through time, perfectly capturing the eras it inhabits, from Art Deco to the twenty-first century. Consider purchasing a minaudiere if you want your dirndl to radiate a touch of brilliant elegance; the splurge will be worth it.

Cross Body Bags

The cross-body bags are a minimalist and vogue yet convenient and comfortable choice to pair up with a traditional tracht. Their variations, styles, sizes, and patterns are innumerable, and you can go for anyone you like. The best feature of this article is the comfort of carrying it around the beer halls without worrying about sore shoulders. 

The exquisite and traditional bags require a perfect dirndl outfit to be combined with. Lederhosen Store brings you an extensive collection of the dirndls to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours today!

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