Complete Beginner’s Guide To Oktoberfest

Complete Beginner's Guide To Oktoberfest

Are you also curious about what an Oktoberfest is? When is it, and what should you wear to Oktoberfest? How to visit it, and what are the best tips for survival at Oktoberfest?

Stress no more! You are at the right place. Get ready to find the answers to all these questions related to Oktoberfest in the following guide.

The Origins and Evolution of Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest originated in 1810 when Prince Ludwig of Bavaria celebrated his marriage to Princess Therese with festivities on the fields outside Munich. The celebrations were so popular, it became an annual 16-18 day festival known as Volksfest (German for “beer festival”).

Over 200 years later, Oktoberfest has evolved into the world’s largest beer festival and fair, attracting over 6 million attendees each year who consume 700 million liters of beer. Its growth can be attributed to cheap flights and plentiful lodging options in Munich.

Thanks to its worldwide appeal, celebrations of Oktoberfest can now be found in cities across the globe.

Plan Beforehand

It is easy to plan an Oktoberfest trip. While planning, consider choosing working days as weekends feature massive crowds. But if you want to go on weekends, the best option is Sunday, specifically the first Sunday of the festival.
After choosing the dates and days, the second most important thing is accommodation. Although the hotels in Munich are huge, at Oktoberfest, finding a free occupation is challenging.

Accommodation Guide

Make a reservation for your Oktoberfest room as soon as possible. Choose hotels near Theresienwiese, which are at a distance of 15-minute walk to the fields of the festival. Here is the list of a few hotels and hostels you can book for Oktoberfest;

  • Couchsurf: It is the most famous hotel among locals as it provides free accommodation. You have to request earlier to get a free seat here.
  • Wombats City Hotel: It is one of the most comfortable places to live, just a 15-minute walk to the Oktoberfest.
  • Hotel Maritim Munich: It is the largest hotel with 300 rooms and is a 13-minute walk to the Beer tents.
  • Hotel Germania: This hotel is smaller than Maritime and is located at a distance of 3-minute walk from the train station. You can live here at affordable prices.

Choosing the Right Oktoberfest Costume

When it comes to Oktoberfest style, you do you! If you prefer your everyday clothes plus some festive accessories, that totally works. But fair warning—you might feel a little left out when everyone else is rocking those iconic Bavarian looks.

My advice? Delve into the spirit and go traditional! Dig out your Mens Lederhosen, and Womens Dirndl Dress. Or rent costumes if you’re only there a few days—it’s cheaper to buy for longer stays. However you play it, get into the Oktoberfest fashion and really immerse yourself in the experience. You won’t regret it!

Dirndl Dress

Now for the fun part – how you tie that apron shows your relationship status! Tie it in the front, and you’re telling cute guys you’re single. Tie it on the right side to signal you’re in a relationship or married. Use that apron to broadcast your availability at Oktoberfest!

You can also switch up the apron tie placement each day if you want to keep them guessing. However you wear it, the dirndl is a chance to embrace a traditional look and show off your unique style. Rock that dress, girl!


Guys, let’s decode the lederhosen look! These traditional knee-length leather pants for men go great with a German trachten shirt and a matching vest or jacket. Top it off with a stylish hat, and leather belt, and don’t forget the socks and shoes!

You can totally put your own spin on the traditional Bavarian style. Make it luxe with premium materials or go bold with colors and patterns. However you style it, the lederhosen lets you rock that heritage while showing off what makes you unique.

Grab your lederhosen online or visit shops in Munich for the full Oktoberfest experience. Slip into those leather pants and embrace your inner Bavarian! Let your personality shine through this traditional look.

Choosing the Right Tent

As Oktoberfest is the largest festival, visitors can find difficulty in choosing the beer tents. There are 17 large main festival tents and numerous smaller ones. So, getting an idea about these tents in advance is important. Have a look at some of the most famous tents at Oktoberfest;


Schottenhamel is the historic tent for the official Oktoberfest ceremony. It is a spot where events get started and is very prevalent among young people. 


Marshall can hold over 3,400 people. It is more innovative; you can find people dancing and partying here.

Hofbräu Festzelt:

The largest tent – Hobfrau, is the most acknowledged place for developing international connections with visitors at a festival. 

Augustiner – Festhalle:

If you want to interact with the locals, Augustiner is the right place. It provides a family-friendly environment, and it is not easy to get a seat here as locals have already reserved the tables.  

Kafer Wiesn-Schanke:

This tent is famous for local and international celebrities’ late-night ending parties.

Schützen Festzelt:

This tent is popular among celebrities. However, you might get a chance to meet the stars with a bit of luck.


The Ochsenbraterei provides a peaceful spot to hang on. Famous for various ox dishes, this tent spotlights a range of Bavarian choice food.


Lowenbrau features a more relaxed and older crowd. It is the most beloved site of local football players.


If you want to enjoy the traditional elegance of Germans, BraurosL is the ideal tent for you.


It is one of the most comfortable and popular sites, with space for over six thousand people inside.


It is the largest tent that provides a family-friendly atmosphere and a more traditional experience.

Paulaner Festzelt

Paulaner is the biggest Oktoberfest tent, with a space for almost eight thousand people inside. 

Remember to get in on time to reserve a seat, as endless lines await entry into the tents. No seats, no beer!

Reserving Table at Oktoberfest

Tents don’t charge and provide you with free tables as well. But if you want to eat and drink properly, you must make a reservation due to the huge crowd. Remember, reservations start at the start of the year between January and April and get filled very quickly.

To make a reservation, you can contact us through email and phone. While making a reservation, keep in mind that you have to book a full table for almost eight people. This booking includes beer and food as well. 

However, you can visit beer tents and get free tables on working days. Remember to arrive on time if you still need to make a reservation.

What to Eat Inside Beer Tents?

You can drink or eat inside the tents only if you have a seat at the table. If you haven’t made any reservations, come earlier for a free table. Beers come from famous breweries in Munich, including Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Paulaner, and Lowenbrau. 

Be careful! Oktoberfest beer is stronger than usual beer, having 6% alcohol. Beer comes in large glasses called “Maß” with a capacity of 1 liter each. Mix it with the traditional food provided inside the tents. You can order sausage, roasted chicken, grilled fish, steamed noodles, or pancake-like desserts. You can also order cheaper food from the stalls outside of the tents.

Classic Oktoberfest – Originals

Here is a list of some authentic attractions that you must visit at Oktoberfest;

Bavaria: The large statue provides a spectacular overview of Oktoberfest.

Schichtl: Schichtl is a conventional theater that is famous for its parade.

Crinoline: An old-fashioned but charming ride that features a traditional brass band amusing its visitors.  

Teufelsrad: It is the most popular spinning ride among locals.

Toboggan: Climbing the slide’s tower by using a sloppy treadmill is what Toboggan offers to amuse visitors.

General Tips for Visiting Oktoberfest

As it is the biggest festival with huge crowds, so be careful. Follow these tips to survive at Oktoberfest.

  • Don’t drink too much alcohol, as Oktoberfest beer is stronger than normal.
  • Drink a lot of water. Keep yourself hydrated.
  • Most beer tents get closed at 10:00 p.m., except Kafer. You can visit Kafer till 1:00 a.m. but get there on time to reserve a free table.
  • If you still need to reserve a free table, arrive early in the morning.
  • Although the food inside the tents is very delicious, it is expensive. To save money, order food from the outside stalls.
  • Oktoberfest grounds are huge, and if you have a meet-up plan with your friends, decide on a meet-up point earlier.
  • Confused about the tents? Don’t worry! Every beer tent offers a remarkable experience. Pick a tent you like and enjoy Oktoberfest.
  • Try to wear closed shoes and sandals.
  • Bring cash and beware of pickpockets.
  • Keep your wallet out of your pockets, and bring only essentials.

Wrapping Up!

Oktoberfest is something you should attend at least once in a lifetime. It’s a must for bucket lists because of the excitement of the crowds and Bavarian culture. Munich residents are incredibly hospitable and friendly. It’s awesome to get to party with folks from different countries. 

Searching for Oktoberfest attire? Explore our collection of traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl dresses and get ready to celebrate the thrilling festival of the year. Nothing even comes close to Oktoberfest.


Is there any entry fee at Oktoberfest?

No, entrance to the Oktoberfest tents is free of charge. However, you must pay for the food, beer, and special purchases.

Where does the grand Oktoberfest occur?

The largest celebration of the year occurs in Munich; more specifically in Theresienwiese, Germany.

 What are the benefits of visiting Oktoberfest on opening and closing days? 

If you want to enjoy the Bavarian culture, parades, and opening or closing ceremonies, then these days are the best choice. 

How many people attended the historic wedding of Ludwig and Therese?

Almost forty thousand people were present at the wedding ceremony.

What is a Dirndl Dress?

Dirndl is a traditional female dress with a fitted bodice, full skirt, blouse, and an apron.

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