How to Take Care of Your Lederhosen

The Oktoberfest is just around the corner, and we understand that you will get wild at this year’s Oktoberfest, aren’t you?  Have a blast but remember to take care of your Lederhosen afterwards.

How do I Take Care of my Lederhosen?

Relax; it’s a relatively simple procedure; stay with us, and we will explain it in detail for your convenience. At Lederhosen Store, we have developed and perfected ingenious techniques that are essential to your Lederhosen care. 

Cleaning your Lederhosen – Always clean your Lederhosen after use. Brush the leather with a damp cloth after use (Once a week is required if you use it continuously). If you keep up with the routine cleaning of your Lederhosen outfit, a deep cleaning won’t be necessary. e sorted. 

The dirt is your foe; the acidic dirt can get into your Lederhosen and cause abrasions inside and outside the garment. 

– Start by hand brushing/dusting dirt particles and grime off your garment, then switch to a clean damp cloth. 

– Never put soap or any other cleanser on your Lederhosen. Such chemicals can take away the natural oils in the leather that are essential to preserving the Lederhosen. Also, chemical soaps and detergents will cause the leather to dry and crack. Only use water, everything else with only cause deterioration of the garment. 

– Always air dry your Lederhosen slowly. Naturally airing out the moisture from your Lederhosen is key. Do not, in any case, expose your Lederhosen to fire, sun or a heater. Dry your Lederhosen or Bundhosen at room temperature. Remember, quick-drying of leather will make your Lederhosen brittle, and it will start cracking. 

How do I Store my Lederhosen or Bundhosen?

  • Always try to keep your Lederhosen and Bundhosen, or for that matter, every leather product out of the sun. The sun will snag out the moisture from leather and cause it to depreciate. 
  • Store your Lederhosen in a dark, cool and dry place when not using it for a long time. Mold is dangerous to your leather products, and t promotes its growth. Make sure that your Lederhosen is kept in dry storage. 
  • Do not keep your Lederhosen or other leather products in a plastic bag or container; removing or hindering airflow is also bad for leather. 
  • We hate to bring it out but, always try and protect your Lederhosen from abrasives that could graze or cut it. When a leather piece is damaged, there is no going back. It is essential to understand that you can only guard your Lederhosen so much, so do not obsess over it. 

The worn look of leather is appreciated by many, so some bruises and abrasions will make your Lederhosen one of a kind.

  • Keep an eye on your Lederhosen; introduce some moisture to its surface if you see it drying out. You can do this easily by moisturizing the material with some quality leather cream or oil. Do not forget your Lederhosen; even if you are not using it for long periods, it is advised to keep it conditioned. 

Some further care instructions

Keeping your suede Lederhosen dry – If your suede Lederhosen gets wet, use paper towels to remove as much moisture as possible. We repeat, never apply heat to your Lederhosen. 

Also, if your Lederhosen gets dusty, rub out the dust with a dry towel, or you can also use a leather eraser for minor stains from the suede. 

Suppose you are not sure how then do not attempt the amateur cleaning routine with Lederhosen. We strongly advise sending out your Lederhosen to a professional cleaning service. It’s an investment worth every penny.