5 makeup looks to try out with your dirndl this Oktoberfest

makeup looks for dirndl

Donning the perfect dirndl requires a lot of effort, but you don’t have to work too hard to look exceptional at the Oktoberfest. It is usually said that makeup is an art, and rightly so. It can change any outfit’s game to a 360 arc. Since the traditional Bavarian tracht is quite a basic look, if you’re a Gen Z quirky enthusiast, the vogue makeup trends are exactly what you need to try this year at Oktoberfest.

Narrowed down from some of the most popular makeup trends for 2022, these are our picks for the most vogue makeup trends to combine with your outfit this year. 

Fall Makeup Trends To Pair Up with Dirndls

The traditional Bavarian clothes are typically available in basic shades and need something to amp them up. There’s nothing better than makeup to step up a basic outfit’s game. This fall, people are waving goodbye to thicker formulas and matte finishes in place for glowing skin looks that tend to fall under the no-makeup makeup category. 

Glitter, metallics, vibrant colors, winged eyes, and sharp lines were all over the spring 2022 runways. Those themes will all be around for autumn 2022, judging by what was seen on the runways during fashion week. 

Even amateurs can easily adopt these trends. You don’t need the most skilled hand to achieve a more rustic appearance. This is the lineup of the most popular makeup fads that will go ideally with your Oktoberfest dirndl. 

The Dewy Skin

The dewy or glowy skin, clean girl aesthetic, no-makeup-makeup look, whatever you call it, is the trendiest and easiest way to wear makeup during the festive season. The main goal with this appearance is to achieve an immaculate finish with no cakey streaks on the face. 

After all, you don’t want to look like a rag doll in front of the Bavarian beauties with stunning features. Enhancing your natural features and maintaining incredibly moisturized, healthy, and beautiful skin are key here. Avoid using a full-coverage foundation to achieve this look; try switching from a heavy base to a tinted moisturizer or wearing a concealer only where necessary. 

Don’t forget to take a minimal approach to makeup. Start by applying clear brow gel to fill the brows, a small amount of matte nude eyeshadow to the lids, and a cream blush to the cheeks and lips. Add an SPF setting spray to make it last through Oktoberfest night and keep you looking gorgeous in your dirndl.

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Bright Cream Blush

One of the most notable beauty trends this fall season is statement blush or over-blushing. Brighter shade options, including edgy peach and vibrant pink, are in vogue right now, and doing it yourself is simple and doesn’t cost much.

Although less product on your brush is essential for achieving this look, don’t shy away from vibrancy. You can make lovely and delicate swatches on the ample cheeks by deeply incorporating a small quantity of blush product into the bristles of your brush.

Bonus Tip: Our secret tip get the beautiful sun-kissed glow that complements the warm-toned Oktoberfest evenings is to use a cream cheek blush and apply it directly with your fingertips.

Vivid Eye-Makeup

If you want to add a style statement to your vintage dirndl, the vibrant eye appearance is the right thing for you. The sky’s the limit regarding eyeliners, shadows, and lippies variations. Geometric designs and neon-colored liners are the ultimate things for festivals like Oktoberfest. 

Bright hues like green, yellow, hot pink, and electric blue are the hot favorites for this year’s festive season. So if you want to catch the eyes of the German lads, or the ladies, try out neon eyeliners to steal the show. We suggest doing a cat-eye for a very defined and appealing look. If you pair this technique with a vintage dirndl, every single person will be mesmerized by your unique style. 


Bejeweled eyes have been popular for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like they’re going anywhere anytime soon. The use of embellishments in makeup, whether simply a subtle glimmer or fully bedazzled eyes, is a significant trend for the fall.

Here are some adornment ideas for you to try: small rhinestones, pearls, chunky glitter, star-shaped press-on, mini-pearl decals, vibrant crystals, and gems. 

Glossed Lips

This Oktoberfest, make a statement with glossy, sparkling lips. The juicy, hydrated, glass-like lip is popular this year’s festive season, whether you want a neutral lip or a little more color. Combine a sheen lip with a matte complexion or eyeshadow look using a high-shine gloss product. 

Pro Tip: By using lip liner just above your natural lip curve, you can enhance the shape of your lips and make them appear fuller. Add some gloss for plumper lips.

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