Oktoberfest Tents Munich At a Glance

German Oktoberfest has become a major beer festival worldwide. As the name indicates, the festival features a series of beer tents located at Theresienwiese and operated by different Wiesn hosts. Based on the covered area and the seating capacity, they are divided into 17 large and 21 small tents. These Oktoberfest tents report record attendees and beer consumption each year. 

According to Statistics, nearly 5.6 million liters of beer were consumed by 6 million people visiting Oktoberfest tents. In 2019, it was 7.3 million; in 2018, it was recorded as 7.5 million liters of beer consumed during the Oktoberfest festival. However, 2014 was a record-breaking season as 7.7 million liters of beer was poured during the festival. 

The beer price at these tents varies between Euro 12- Euro 14 per Maß (1-liter special Oktoberfest beer bug). This, along with other vibrant food and festivity offerings, contribute greatly to the economics of Munich and, thus, Germany.

Oktoberfest Tents Timing and Schedule

On the opening day, i.e., mid-September Saturday,  at 12:00 PM in the Schottenhamel Festival Hall, the Munich mayor taps the first barrel of Oktoberfest beer to begin the official festivities in all the tents. After the keg tapping, all small and large beer tents begin serving the beer from Munich’s local breweries. 

Along with the classic 6-6.3% Oktoberfest beer, these tents also offer Traditional Bavarian food, brass music, and various other activities within each tent.

Beer Tents Schedule

The generalized schedule for the beer tents at the Oktoberfest in Germany is as follows;

Tapping Ceremony

  • Date: Saturday, 21st September 
  • Time: 12 pm

Beer Serving Times

  • Saturday, Sunday, and Public Holidays: 9 am – 10:30 pm
  • Weekdays: 10 am – 10:30 pm

Music Closing Times

  • All Large and Small Tents: Daily at 10:30 pm
  • Medium-Sized Marquees: Daily at 11 pm

Closing Times

  • Large and Medium-Sized Tents: 11:30 pm
  • Exception- Käfer Wies’n-Schänke and Kufflers Weinzelt:
  • Closing at 1 am, with last orders and music ending at 0:30 am.

Large Oktoberfest Tents

The Oktoberfest 17 large beer tents have the capacity to attract thousands of visitors at a time in their indoor and outdoor sitting and standing areas. These tents serve beer only from the top six Munich Local breweries, including;

  1. Augustiner
  2. Hacker-Pschorr
  3. Hofbräu
  4. Löwenbräu
  5. Paulaner and 
  6. Spaten

Among these, Hofbräu-Festzelt is the largest Oktoberfest beer tent with a capacity of around 6000 seats inside the tent, 3022 seats outside the tent, and a standing capacity of around  1000.

Offerings at Big Beer Tents

Various Munich families host the big beer tents, each presenting a unique atmosphere ranging from a family-friendly traditional Bavarian ambiance to a more playful, vibrant touch. The tents have an exclusive menu to entertain many people. 

Roughly calculated food consumed at the Wisen is 549,899 chicken units, 140,225 pairs of pork sausages, 44,320kg of fish, and 75,456 units of pork shanks (Haxen). 

Other popular food choices include roasted half chicken, ducks, geese, veal, ox, pork, veal knuckles, and pork sausages served with Sauerkraut.

Music in Big Tents

Until 6 PM, you will preferably hear the traditional German oom-pah-pah played by house brass bands that you’ll hear, but it’s kept at a decibel level below 85. 

However, the tables turn after 6 PM, and you will hear all the modern music inside the tents. So, if you are here for a party, reserve your seats accordingly. 

Some of the famous music brands that perform inside the tents are; 

  • EIN PROSIT – The shortest song that lasts for 15 minutes after every music.
  • IN MÜNCHEN STEHT EIN HOFBRÄUHAUS – The Anthem to begin drinking at Hofbraeuhaus. 
  • LICHTENSTEINER POLKA – An easy tune for day drinking.  
  • German Oomph Band, and many others.

Small Oktoberfest Tents

The 21 small tents at Oktoberfest cater to a diverse population ranging from 18+ beer lovers to kids and families looking for a cafe-like feel. Small Oktoberfest tents and cafes offer wine, champagne, cocktails, coffee, juices, and homemade confectionery options, along with the classic Oktoberfest beer options. 

These small beer tents are more like intimate, cozy sitting with a capacity of a few hundred guests only at a time. Coffee mug tent or Kaffeehaferl Schiebl is the smallest of all the tents, with a capacity of 60 guests only

Offerings at Small Beer Tents

The 21 smaller tents offer similar traditional Bavarian cuisine along with a few exceptions. You can enjoy freshly baked cakes, pastries, and tarts, along with a 100% organic kids’ menu. Enjoy these homemade offerings with a latte or fruit cocktail if you are looking for nonalcoholic options.

Music in Small Tents 

Bavarian bands and DJs play famous Oktoberfest songs. You can find lively and vibrant tranquil music tones in these tents. Choose from various intimate, cozy part tents based on your preferences. 

Reserve Your Big or Small Tent in Advance 

Oktoberfest lasts for 16-17 days and leaves remarkable memories on the visitors. To make the most out of your trip to Munich, it is better to reserve a seat for an Oktoberfest tent. From the lively atmosphere to the communal seating arrangements, from the authentic Bavarian cuisine to the specially brewed Oktoberfest beers, these tents offer a unique and unforgettable experience for visitors from around the globe.  So, if you are a first-time visitor, cherish the German tradition in one of the small or big Munich tents.

There are ample unreserved seats in a few beer tents as well. If you are unable to secure a table, enter the Munich ground for an available unbooked seat. 


How much does a reservation in the beer tent cost?

Entries inside the beer gardens are usually free. You have to buy food vouchers in advance. For example, 2 pints of beer and half chicken per person is served. It varies from tent to tent. 

Are the beer tokens refundable at the tents?

The Oktoberfest vouchers are valid till the last day of the year. You can ask the tent owner for the exact refund process for your voucher.