Festzelt Tradition

The Tradition Festival Tent stands out with its lowkey yet inviting atmosphere among the other tents known for the vibrant hustle and bustle of the Wiesn. The Oktoberfest large tent was built in 2010 to celebrate the 200 iteration of the Wiesn. The tent is known for a sense of tradition and warmth, making it a favorite among families and those seeking a more relaxed ambiance. Lively folk dance groups move to the cheerful tunes of hearty brass music, and a kid-friendly environment is the specialty of the Old Wiesn. The spectacle of the Schuhplattler dancers and whip crackers is a must-watch at the tent. 

Essential Guidelines for Visitors 

  • Host(s): Toni Winklhofer and Peter Wieser
  • Address: Wirtsbudenstr
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM- 11:30 PM (Weekdays), 9:00 AM -11:30 PM (Weekends)                            
  • Reservation: Book the tent online through the official website 
  • Capacity: 8,050 (5,000 indoor and 3,050 outdoor)
  • Beer: Augustiner Beer
  • Music: Wolfgang Grünbauer direction & guest bands twice per day
  • Specialty: Free entry after 9 pm, steins and beer from wood barrel
  • Payment Method: Cash and atm are acceptable. But it is advisable to carry cash along.
  • Accessibility: Public transportation(tramp, U-Bahn, S-Bahn),ridesharing, taxi
  • Dress Code: No official dress code, but wearing a traditional tracht(dirndl for women and lederhosen for men) is appreciated. 
  • Family Hours: family environment throughout the day with special kids’ amenities. 

Festzelt Tradition Tent Capacity

Festzelt Tradition stands out as one of the prime Oktoberfest tents. The tent has a total of  8050 seating capacity with 5,000 seats indoors and 3,050 outdoors. Early reservations can save visitors from worrying about finding a spot before 9 pm. The convenient Festzelt Tradition online reservation platform makes booking seats effortless, especially when visiting the large tent with a group.

The Traditional Delicacies to Relish 

At the Tradition festival tent, visitors can indulge in various culinary delights that live up to the promise of its name. Guests can devour classic Bavarian delicacies such as schnitzel, pork roast, and Rohrnudeln (oven-baked yeast dumplings) with a honey crust and custard and plum bavesen (French toast). The Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) is prepared using traditional methods, smoked over a surface fire, whereas sausages are grilled over charcoal, bringing the flavors of yesteryear to the table.

For all of you who care about the environment, the organic Oktoberfest half-roast chicken might cost a bit more, but it’s served with a green ribbon, so you can feel good about enjoying it. 

Beer Served at Festzelt Tradition

Beer is served in ceramic mugs called Keferloher instead of the one-liter regular stein. For that genuine festival vibe, grab a cold stein of Augustiner beer poured from wooden barrels. This sole brewery continues to offer beer in wooden barrels at the festival. Plus, if you’re a wheat beer fan, you’ll be happy to know there’s a Franziskaner-Weißbiergarten right in the tent, so you have plenty of drink options from champagnes to spritz. 

Musical Specialty

Among all the tents at the Theresienwiese, the Tradition festival tent stands out with its exclusive focus on traditional Bavarian dance music, presented by the known “Münchner Oktoberfest Musikanten” band. Wolfgang Grünbauer leads the band. Other guest bands and traditional costume association also take the stage throughout the festivities. These independent programs offer a rich traditional experience twice daily, at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m. 


For a smooth experience, plan and reserve a seat at Festzelt via official email or phone or collect vouchers at the counter. This big tent is a great place to experience the Beerfest if joined with the kids.


Located at the southern end of the Oktoberfest grounds, across from the expansive Ferris wheel, is a unique tent reminiscing the years-old Oktoberfest.