Ochsenbraterei Tent

Ochsenbraterei is recognized for its Bavarian tradition, with its iconic ox grill and festive ambiance, which the Haberl family curated over 40 years ago. Its popular menu enlists the marbled roast ox, fiery ox bratwurst, and other ox meat delicacies, all prepared with a commitment to quality and sustainability. In updated types of food, the menu includes vegetarian and vegan options like spicy vegetable patties and hearty mushroom goulash, catering to diverse dietary preferences. The Haberl family, the Ochsenbraterei, presents a fusion of traditional Bavarian hospitality and a steadfast dedication to sustainability and animal welfare. With a seating capacity accommodating around seven thousand plus, guests are greeted with authentic folk music performed by well-versed musicians, creating an atmosphere rich in Bavarian culture and warmth.

Essential Guidelines for Visitors 

  • Host(s): Antje Haberl and Luis Haberl
  • Address: Wirtsbudenstr.
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM- 11:30 PM (Weekdays), 9:00 AM -11:30 PM (Weekends)                            
  • Reservation: Book the tent online through the official website 
  • Capacity: 7,546 (5,900 indoor and 1,646 outdoor)
  • Beer: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu
  • Music: Brass band Mathias Achatz
  • Specialty: All oxen are glorified by name and weight on panels
  • Dress Code: No official dress code, but wearing a traditional tracht(dirndl for women and lederhosen for men) is appreciated. 
  • Family Hours: Boasts family environment, especially during the evening and weekdays.
  • Payment Method: Cash and atm are acceptable. But it is advisable to carry cash along.
  • Accessibility: Public transportation(tramp, U-Bahn, S-Bahn),ridesharing, taxi

Ochsenbraterei Tent Capacity

The Oktoberfest Ochsenbraterei can accommodate up to 7,400 people, with 5,900 guests enjoying the fun indoors and 1,646 soaking up the atmosphere outside. Inside, you’ll find cozy blue and white decorations and a large beer garden, making it a welcoming spot for international visitors to enjoy the tent festivities

The Traditional Delicacies to Relish

The name says it all – at the Ochsenbraterei, the roast ox is the show’s star. This dish is the crowd pleaser at this large Wiesn tent. Devour the tender, marbled beef with organic potato salad and a rich red wine sauce in the roast ox. The tent also serves other Oktoberfest favorites for beef non-lovers, such as roast chicken, pork knuckles, and vegetarian cheese noodles from Allgäu. Pair it with the Spaten Oktoberfest beer, which the Ochsenbraterei tent has served since 1980. 

Musical Specialty

The Ochsenbraterei emanates an air of tradition with the accompaniment of classical brass music. A talented band comprising 24 skilled musicians and vocalists led by band leader Mathias Achatz changes the atmosphere as the evening progresses. The composition transitions to diverse musical genres as dusk settles, including popular hits, chart-toppers, and the latest Oktoberfest anthems. The lively performances entertain guests every day.

Oktoberfest Tent Reservation

The Ochsenbraterei tent warmly invites guests throughout the day, operating from 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM, with extended hours until 12:30 AM on weekends, promising a day filled with celebration, authentic cuisine, and vibrant tunes. As Oktoberfest draws near to the end, securing a reservation at the Ochsenbraterei is strongly advised to find a seat at this iconic venue. 

Beer Tent Location

The popular Ochsenbraterei beer tent, a prominent feature at Oktoberfest, is situated within the grounds of Theresienwiese in Munich. Accessible via Munich’s efficient public transport system, visitors can conveniently reach the festivities by utilizing the nearby Theresienwiese or Goetheplatz U-Bahn stations. This strategic location ensures a seamless journey for guests seeking to immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of Oktoberfest.