Schuetzenlisl Tent

The Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl is a popular spot at the Oide Wiesn, depicting Bavarian culture with its joyful atmosphere and traditional vibe. The tent was started in 2022 by Lorenz Stiftl, a well-known figure in Oktoberfest culture who managed other famous tents like Zum Stiftl and Winderwald. Stiftl’s passion for folk singing and brass music is evident in Schützenlisl, which pays homage to Munich’s iconic Volkssänger tradition. The tent’s design and atmosphere take guests back to the golden days of Wiesn. The atmosphere offers a nostalgic experience amidst the modern festivities.

Essential Guidelines for Visitors 

  • Host(s): Lorenz and Christine Stiftl
  • Operating Hours: 10:00 AM- 11:30 PM (Weekdays), 9:00 AM -11:30 PM (Weekends)                            
  • Reservation: Book the tent online through the official website 
  • Capacity: 1,796 (1,396 indoor and 400 outdoor)
  • Beer: Augustiner from wooden barrel in stone mugs
  • Music: Folk music and brass band music. Traudi Siferlinger performs daily.
  • Specialty:  Folk singers, pub music & singing together
  • Dress Code: No official dress code, but wearing a traditional tracht(dirndl for women and lederhosen for men) is appreciated. 
  • Family Hours: Boasts family environment, especially during the evening and weekdays.
  • Payment Method: Cash and atm are acceptable. But it is advisable to carry cash along.
  • Accessibility: Public transportation(tramp, U-Bahn, S-Bahn),ridesharing, taxi

Schuetzenlisl Tent Capacity

The Schützenlisl tent is renowned for its moderate capacity, designed to accommodate a vibrant crowd. With seating arrangements for 1,396 guests within its lively interior and an additional 400 in its inviting outdoor space, the tent offers a total capacity of 1,796 guests. 

The Traditional Delicacies to Relish

Volkssängerzelt Schützenlisl focuses on physical well-being by giving it the utmost priority. Their menu features authentic Bavarian snack classics, including meatballs, pepper roasts, Leberkas, radishes, obazda, gherkins, and pretzels. If you prefer a warm meal, options such as crispy roast pork, chicken, boiled beef, or a fillet of ox are available. Additionally, the menu includes vegetarian and vegan choices to accommodate various dietary choices. For all the sweet tooth, delectable options like Kaiserschmarrn and strudel are offered to provide a delightful ending to the dining experience.

Musical Specialty

For 17 years, Traudi Siferlinger has been behind the creation of the popular BR show “Wirtshausmusikanten.” Her unique touch has revitalized folk music, and now, that same energy can be experienced at the Schützenlisl Volkssänger tent. Here, Traudi gives a lively blend of folk singers, catchy Gstanzl tunes, and vibrant brass band music. She performs daily on Schuetzenlisl’s musical stage, effortlessly engaging the crowd and encouraging everyone to join in singing.

Oktoberfest Tent Reservation

The bustling atmosphere of Schützenlisl during Oktoberfest demands strategic planning due to its extended opening hours from early morning (10:00 AM) until late at night. Given the tent’s huge popularity and location in the Wiesn, making reservations becomes tough. Schützenlisl prioritizes the reservation process, ensuring it is both streamlined and user-friendly. 

Beer Tent Location

The vibrant large tent, Schützenlisl, stands out as a prominent destination easily accessible via Munich’s efficient public transportation network. Positioned conveniently, visitors can access the tent through various transport modes, with U-Bahn (underground metro) stations Theresienwiese and Goetheplatz located at a short walking distance. Additionally, tram lines 18 and 19 offer a convenient option for those preferring tram travel, with stops nearby, granting direct entry to the festival grounds.

Munich’s central train station (Hauptbahnhof) is just a few miles away for guests arriving from within and beyond the city limits.