21 Small Oktoberfest Tents 

The small beer tents at Munich Oktoberfest offer cozy atmosphere, diverse themes, drinks, food, and live entertainment. Usually managed by independent families or local breweries, these German beer tents allow you to enjoy the authentic Bavarian culture. You can find small tents scattered throughout the Theresienwiese grounds in Munich. 

With seats between 60 to 500 people, these tents are family-friendly and packed with sufficient facilities. However, be prepared for limited seating during peak hours, including evenings and weekends. Please be sure to follow the rules and guidelines before you arrive. Dress in traditional Bavarian attire such as Lederhosen and dirndl, along with comfortable shoes to enhance your experience. 

Oktoberfest Small Tents at a Glance

Each small tent at Oktoberfest features a delicious menu showcasing the diversity of Bavarian cuisine. From hearty sausages and flavorful roasts to delectable pretzels and the iconic Kaiserschmarrn, you can find the best match for your unique taste buds. 

These tents also serve authentic Bavarian beers brewed according to centuries-old recipes. Beyond dining spots, Oktoberfest small tents host many cultural activities, from traditional dance displays, games, and ofcourse, live folk music from huge names to local favorites.  Small Oktoberfest tents operate between 10 AM – 11:30 PM on weekdays and 9 AM – 11:30 PM on weekends. 

Start those Wiesn traditions early and bring your whole family to create memories of fun and laughter at small Oktoberfest beer tents. 

1. Ammer Hühner-und Entenbratere

Beer Served: Augustiner beer

Capacity: 465 guests inside,  472 outside

Part of Oktoberfest since 1885, the Ammer Hühner- und Entenbraterei tent offers delicious roast chicken and duck, earning them the nickname “Poultry Paradise.” The tent offers a lively atmosphere with music performances, dance, and various cultural activities. 

2. Bodos Cafezelt

Beer Served:  Extensive cocktail menu instead of beer 

Capacity: 465 inside, 108 in standing area 

The tent boasts a cozy cafe ambiance and offers homemade confectioneries, including pastries, cakes, Kirschwasser donuts, and snacks. Live music, including local folk performers, adds a delightful touch, making it a popular Oktoberfest small tent. 

3. Cafe Kaiserschmarrn

Beer Served: No beer is served here. 

Capacity: Seating for 400 guests 

This family-friendly tent offers a diverse menu of Bavarian classics like sausages, rotisserie chicken, pretzels, and a free wedding cake everyday at 2 p.m. Live entertainment, ranging from traditional Bavarian bands to DJs in the evenings, creates a vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, it features the only catwalk among all the Oktoberfest beer tents. 

4. Cafe Theres

Beer Served:  Beer from major Munich breweries.

Capacity:  398 guests, 23 standing places 

This historic tent has the only in-house bakery offering freshly baked cakes, pies, and their famous apple strudel. You can enjoy a peaceful retreat with breakfasts, sparkling wine, and cocktails here. Live music that creates a relaxed and intimate atmosphere adds to the charm, making it a perfect choice for all. 

5. Feisingers Kas-und Weinstubn

Beer Served: Exclusive wines from renowned vineyards

Capacity: 98 guests inside, 60 outside 

A must-visit Oktoberfest small beer tent that serves over 100 international cheeses paired with a curated wine list. Live music, a charming beer garden, cultural festivities and kids’ menu make it perfect for families looking for a refined Oktoberfest experience. 

6. Fisch Bada

Beer Served: Hacker-Pschorr beer

Capacity: 133 people inside, 48 outside, 70 standing places

One of the best Oktoberfest small beer tents, Fisch Bada is famous for its delicious fish dishes made of high-quality regional ingredients.  Sautéed char, oysters, and their signature fishcakes are served with potato salad, while vegetarians and vegans can also find various options. The tent’s traditional music creates a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere for all. 

7. Gloeckle Wirt

Beer Served: Spaten Beer and Franziskaner Weissbier

Capacity: 226 seats inside, 30 outside, 45 standing places

Gloeckle Wirt offers a rustic atmosphere adorned with unique decor and cultural activities. The tent serves Bavarian and international food alongside live music that transforms from mellow tunes to a lively band in the evening.  Regularly frequented by local celebrities, this smallest Oktoberfest tent guarantees an authentic and unforgettable Oktoberfest experience.

8. Goldener Hahn

Beer Served: Large selection of Bavarian beers 

Capacity: 304 guests inside, 57 outside 

This small Oktoberfest tent is renowned for its sophisticated charm, serving poultry dishes like roast chicken, duck, and goose, all prepared to perfection. This family-run tent offers a champagne breakfast and a tranquil atmosphere with live music ranging from traditional Stubenmusik to the lively band Dreisam Live. Goldener Hahn caters to those seeking a relaxed Oktoberfest experience.

9. Heimer Enten-und Huehnerbraterei

Beer Served: Paulaner Weissbier and Hacker-Pschorr 

Capacity: 346 seats 

Heimer’s is celebrated as the “last true duck and chicken roastery”, serving their signature Heimer duck, prepared with a secret family recipe. Alongside, you can enjoy homemade sauce, classic Bavarian side dishes, and vegetarian options. Featuring rustic settings with live folk music, Heimer Enten-und Hühnerbraterei promises a festive dining experience. 

10. Heinz Wurst-und Huehnerbraterei

Beer Served: Serve beers from local breweries,

Capacity: 384 seats

Operating for over 118 years, this smaller Oktoberfest tent is perfect for those seeking traditional experiences. The tent is famous for its mouthwatering sausages and rotisserie chicken, all prepared with high-quality ingredients. Live music creates a festive atmosphere, making Heinz Wurst-und Hühnerbraterei a perfect choice for families and youngsters. 

11. Hochreiters Haxnbraterei

Beer Served: Löwenbräu

Capacity: 250 guests 

This Oktoberfest small tent draws traditional food lovers with its mouthwatering, juicy pork knuckle called Haxn. Each haxn is perfectly seasoned, slow-roasted, and boasts crispy skin and fall-off-the-bone tenderness. The atmosphere is cozy and rustic, enhanced by folk music, dance performances, and lively activities, offering a genuine Bavarian experience.

12. Kalbsbraterei

Beer Served: Löwenbräu festival beer and Franziskaner Weissbier

Capacity: 300 guests 

A spacious small tent renowned for its majestic atmosphere and specializes in exquisite veal dishes. From tender roasts to flavorful sausages, their menu caters to all palates. Live music transforms the atmosphere, starting with traditional Saftlmusi during the day and evolving into party bands in the evening. 

13. Metzger Stubn

Beer Served: Paulaner

Capacity: 130 guests 

This renowned small Oktoberfest beer tent, adorned with traditional wood paneling, serves high-quality meats and signature sausages. They also offer a variety of other Bavarian dishes like schnitzel and potato dumplings. Here, the folk music tones create a festive atmosphere, inviting visitors of all ages. 

14. Muenchner Knoedelei

Beer Served: A variety of Bavarian beers 

Capacity: 399 guests inside, 400 outside, 26 standing places

Münchner Knödel is a must-visit small tent for dumpling lovers. From classic potato dumplings to innovative creations like the Weißwurstknödel, their menu offers dumplings in all shapes, sizes, and tastes. They even have a “dumpling trio” for first-time visitors and a “knödelnder Bier-Guzzl” (dumpling lollipop) for a fun twist. Here, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere with a rustic ambiance and live music in the evening. 

15. Muenchner Stubn

Beer Served: Paulaner 

Capacity: 440 guests 

Experience the true spirit of Munich Oktoberfest at Münchner Stubn. This new tent is designed like a rustic Munich townhouse, boasting a family-friendly atmosphere and an authentic taste of Bavaria. Here, you can enjoy Brotzeitbrettl (cold cuts platter) and crispy pork knuckle, with vegetarian and vegan options available. Live music adds to the experience, ranging from tavern tunes during the day to disco music in the evenings. 

16. Poschner’s Huehner-und Entenbraterei

Beer Served: Hacker-Pschorr Wiesnmärzen beer

Capacity: 400 guests 

Part of Oktoberfest since 1926, this smaller beer tent offers mouthwatering roasted chicken and duck. Their secret family recipe passed down through generations, guarantees a unique taste.  You can also enjoy a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes. The live music performances, vintage atmosphere, and cultural festivities add more to its charm. 

17. Schiebl’s Kaffeehaferl 

Beer Served: Beers from famous Munich breweries 

Capacity: 60 guests 

An Oktoberfest small tent provides an escape from live crowds while offering a relaxed atmosphere with live, traditional music. Serving coffee and tea alongside homemade pastries and cakes, the tent is a one-stop destination for sweet lovers. They also offer traditional Bavarian breakfasts and light lunches as a healthier alternative. 

18. Wiesn Guglhupf

Beer Served: Bavarian beers and wines 

Capacity: 60 guests inside, 135 standing places 

Enjoy a unique Oktoberfest experience at this revolving cafe tent, offering a variety of Gugelhupf, a traditional German ring cake with changing views of the festival grounds. You can pair the delicious cake with a refreshing coffee, tea, prosecco, glass of wine, or even a schnapps. Live music adds to the festive atmosphere, making the Wiesn Guglhupf a delightful destination. 

19. Wildstuben

Beer Served: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu

Capacity: 751 seats, 32 standing places 

Enter the rustic charm of this traditional small tent adorned with exposed wooden beams and cozy dating. The tent offers incredible Bavarian cuisine like roast wild boar, venison goulash, and wood-fired sausages prepared with fresh, regional ingredients. Don’t forget to try their famous grilled boar sausage, a true Wildstuben specialty. Traditional Bavarian music fills the air, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for everyone. 

20. Wirtshaus Im Schichtl

Beer Served: Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu

Capacity: 213 seats, 102 standing places

A charming small Oktoberfest tent, renowned for its traditional atmosphere and organic food sourced from Herrmannsdorfer. The antique decor and wooden paneling add more to its rustic charm. Moreover, live music sets the scene, with traditional Bavarian bands playing polkas and waltzes throughout the day. 

21. Zur Bratwurst

Beer Served: Augustiner Bräu Wagner KG

Capacity: 558 seats inside, 239 outside, 42 standing places

This vibrant small tent attracts visitors with its extensive Bavarian menu and lively atmosphere. You must try their famous Rostbratwürstl, grilled over an open fire, alongside other classic dishes like Schweinshaxe (pork knuckle) and potato dumplings. They also offer vegetarian and vegan options for diverse palates. Traditional Bavarian bands fill the air with live music, turning into the party scene in the evening. 

A Guide for First Time Vistors 

At Oktoberfest, popular small tents may require reservations made months in advance, available through online booking, phone calls, or emails. You can find details on each tent’s official website. For small beer tents not accepting reservations, arrive early to secure a spot. 

  • It’s important to carry cash, as many tents do not accept cards, with ATMs available but located far away; meanwhile, you have to face potential lines and fees. Some small tents also use a voucher system, “Biermarken,” for transactions.
  • Due to the immense crowd at Germany’s Oktoberfest, finding parking near tents can be extremely limited and expensive, so consider traveling over public transportation. Munich has an excellent public transportation network, making it the easiest and most eco-friendly way to reach Oktoberfest.

Trains, subways (U-Bahn), and trams connect city points directly with the Theresienwiese festival grounds. Purchase a Tageskarte (day ticket) for unlimited travel within Munich on the day of your visit. Taxis are an option, though fares may increase during peak times.