Fisch Bada Small Tent

Fisch-Bäda, part of Oktoberfest in Munich since 2013, is a haven for seafood lovers. Managed by Peter Lingnau, this small beer tent celebrates over 20 years of tradition, offering a rustic charm. This maritime-themed tent prioritizes fresh, local ingredients in its menu, boasting over 20 fish sandwich options alongside vegan choices and Hacker-Pschorr beer

Live music fills the air throughout the day, transforming into a vibrant party atmosphere with the FLottn3er band from 6 PM.  This family-friendly tent caters to all ages, offering barrier-free access, children’s entertainment, and even allowing families to bring their own food to enjoy in the beer garden with a drink purchase. 

Operating Hours 

Weekdays: 10 am-11:30 pm 

Saturday & Sunday: 9 am to 11:30 pm

Essential Guidelines for Visitors

  • Location & Accessibility: Fisch-Bäda is located within the Oktoberfest fairgrounds (Theresienwiese). You can easily access the tent via public transportation. 
  • Family-friendly hours: While specific timings may vary by day, the tent generally offers a welcoming atmosphere for families throughout the day.
  • Getting in: Even with reservations, be prepared to wait during peak hours.
  • Seating: Seating mainly includes communal long tables. Be prepared to share a table with others.
  • Payment methods: Fisch-Bäda accepts cash only. Ensure you have enough Euros for your meals and drinks.
  • Food for children: While a children’s menu might not be available, families with small children can bring their food to enjoy in the beer garden, provided they purchase drinks.
  • Dress Code: While traditional Oktoberfest dresses like dirndl and Lederhosen are encouraged, you can wear anything you choose. 
  • Smoking: Smoking is not permitted inside the tent. Designated smoking areas are available outside.

Fisch Bada Menu 

  • Fish Specialties: Known for variety, featuring over 20 types of fish sandwiches.
  • Fresh Seafood: Char, Zander, and Fresh Oysters: Served with a glass of champagne. 
  • Beyond Seafood: Delicious salads beef fillet. 
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Options: Caters to diverse dietary needs.
  • Sides: Options likely include potato salad and cucumber salad. 
  • Drinks: Hacker-Pschorr beer, a selection of sparkling wines, and refreshing cocktails. 

Seat and Table Reservation

With a cozy indoor capacity of 133 seats and additional outdoor seating, Fisch-Bäda offers a comfortable Oktoberfest experience. Reservations are highly recommended, especially for families with children and large groups coming in the evening. However, the tent reserves a portion of its tables for walk-in guests.  You must arrive at 5-6 AM to get these seats, especially on weekends.