Gloeckle Wirt

Gloeckle Wirt is a popular small tent at the Oktoberfest, famous for its lively and intimate atmosphere. Gloeckle Wirt offers a friendly and more festive atmosphere. This tent is decorated with antique objects with different musical instruments, sleds, and paintings. It creates a unique and appealing space. So even during the day, two musicians play traditional Bavarian tunes, while in the evening, the band “Schubiduo” plays in a more festive mood around 7 PM.

In 1990, Hanns Warner Gloeckle transformed the Platzl Wirt into the “Glöckle Wirt” by taking it from the Inselkammer family. But the devastating fire in 2022 destroyed the tent and its countless collections. To rebuild this beer tent in 2003, Glockle collected donations from regular customers. Hence, it is formed by the embellishments of antique brass, kitchen items, jugs, stuffed animals, sleds, and more. However, It creates a village pub-like atmosphere integrated with immensely decorated Glockle Wirt. 

Operating Hours

  • Monday – Sunday: 10:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Essential Guidelines for Visitors 

Here are a few of the essential guidelines for visitors to Gloeckle Wirt.

  • Download Translation App – Consider downloading a German translation app to stay engaged and to aid in communicating with guests in Gloeckle Wirt.
  • Be Mindful Of Timmings – The white sausages are offered at the lowest pricing of 99 cents each until noon on weekdays. So make sure to try those. The tent is also famous for its cozy celebration offering a special weisswurst breakfast, so close the deal before noon during the week.
  • Try All Drinkable Options – Try Spaten and Franziskaner Weissbier in the Glöckle Wirt . But be mindful of drinking too much wine as it may make you fall sick, and you will not be able to enjoy Oktoberfest to the fullest.

Gloeckle Wirt Menu

You are offered traditional German dishes at the conventional Bavarian Ham Hovk: fillet pander, grilled sausages, pork knuckle, pan-fried dishes, sandwich platters, and classics from controlled agriculture. The tourists are offered two different and unique culinary offers during the week. 

Glöckle Wirt serves a Franziskaner weissbier on weekdays for a memorable and unique price. And it is the perfect choice for an excellent traditional weisswurst breakfast. The Spaten and Franziskaner Weissbier is served at the Gloeckle Wirt.

To know what dishes would suit you best, please be informed of the menu beforehand and identify the best dishes according to your preferences. This will save you time and avoid last-minute decisions.

Seat and Table Reservation 

The tent comprises antique treasures and seats 226 special guests inside and 30 outside the tent. It also offers 45 standing places for the guests. The tent reservations are limited and tend to fill up early. There are also minimum spending requirements per person for the reservation, especially during the peak hours of the Oktoberfest. Make tent reservations available for specific time slots throughout the day.