Metzger Stubn by Vinzenzmurrs

Since its formation in 1980, the Cozy rustic vibe of the Metzger Stubn has been the mainstream of Oktoberfest.

Famously known as “Butcher’s Tent,” it marks the legacy of 100 years of serving its traditional food, keeping the German taste alive. Brandl Family hosts the tent, and it’s the 5th generation to operate the aesthetic tent. 

A small but lovingly decorated tent that is surrounded by real hops decorations and old timber from inside. The ambiance is quite inviting for those who are looking for calm yet full-of-vibe places at oktoberfest.

However, Metzger took a short break from Oktoberfest in 2008 and 2009 when the Brandl family wanted to find a more extensive area at the festival. The request was made to increase the space from 200 seats to 550 seats. The festival management rejected the petition, and the tent was given only a space of 130 seats later in 2010. Nowadays, it has a cozy and traditional atmosphere that reminds you of a rustic hut in the Alps.

Opening Hours

You can visit the tent from 10.00 AM to 11:30 PM.

Family Hours  

If you are visiting it with family, it is better to visit the tent in the afternoons when it is ideal for children of all ages. 

Peak Hours

Major Oktoberfest festivities inside the wooden cabin begin in the evening; therefore, the tent is crowded. The same goes for the weekends, as most of its lively events are scheduled when a considerable number have to visit the tent. 

Highlights of Metzger Stubn 

  • Payment Options: The tent accepts various payment methods, either cash or card.
  • Audience – A diverse group of people, such as businessmen, are attracted to be a part of this small place. People have been using this as a place for small, friendly team meetings. 

Metzger Stubn’s Attractions 

What makes Metzger Stubn high in demand are two things;

  • Live Bavarian Music 
  • Cozy and Rustic Ambiance

Metzger Stubn Menu

If we say Stubn is its own “Little Butcher Shop,” we won’t be wrong. The menu highlights are; 

Beer Bar – The specialty of this rustic yet cozy tent is that each meat dish is served with Paulaner Oktoberfest beer or wine. Besides beer, you can always opt for non-alcoholic options like cola or mineral water.

Meat Corner – A wide range of meat dishes are waiting for you inside the tent; if you are a carnivore, this place should be on your list of places to visit. The specialty of Metzger Stubn meat place is that it comes from the local Hofgut Schwaige, which is famous for its high-end quality. 

Apart from meatloaf, another popular meat option is ox entrecôte to satisfy your inner meat-lover. 

Vegetables & Desserts – Sorry to the herbivores, as you may not find enough vegetable dishes out there. However, you can always have meat-free dessert to beat your hunger. 

Seat and Table Reservation 

Metzger is a small tent that can only entertain 130 people at a time. It is always recommended to book the table in advance for your business meetings. The small space can be filled quickly because of its rustic appeal.