Muenchner Knoedelei

Since its introduction in the Wisen in 2002, it has been a small tent on the roadside of Oktoberfest ground. However, the tent’s location was not appropriate in the early days. But later, in 2014, the space got bigger, and managing a functional kitchen and 99 additional guests became easy.  

Also, in 2019, the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Forestry and the Bavarian Hotel and Restaurant Association awarded Muenchner Knoedelei an “Excellent Bavarian Festival Tent” for its innovations in Dumplings. 

The Dumpling tent was introduced by Visionary landlords Florian and Bettina  Oberndorferm to preserve the Bavarian Culture. The tent became famous for its unique food offerings, and the notable dumpling trend was later adopted by many next-door tents in Munich. 

Operating Hours 

10:00 am and 11:30 pm

Family and Peak Hours: 

If you are visiting OKtoberfest with family, visit Muenchner during the day as you will find it less crowded. However, the real fun begins in the evening. 

Muenchner Knoedelei Offerings 

  • Reservations: Being famous for its dumplings and lively environment, you will find the place crowded. It is better to reserve your seat in advance.
  • Payment Options: Cash is mostly accepted at Oktoberfest; however, you can always check for various payment options. 
  • Special Discounts: Inspired by Karl Valentin, the tent occasionally offers playful discounts, adding a unique touch to the dining experience.
  • Diversified Audience: Munich Tent has something for everyone, young, old, families, and singles. 
  • Musical Performances: Music begins at noon and becomes loud in the evening. Knödeltrio at 12 pm and Take Five at 7 pm.  

Muenchner Knoedelei Menu 

If you are not a “Dumpling Fan,” this place is not for you. The Münchner Knödelei offers a wide variety of over 50 types of savory and sweet dumplings. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Bread dumplings (Semmelknödel)
  • Potato dumplings (Kartoffelknödel)expand_more
  • Liver dumplings (Leberknödel)exclamation
  • Plum dumplings (Zwetschgenknödel)
  • Apple dumplings (Apfelknödel)

Whether you’re craving the robust flavors of Bavarian foothills’ Alpine cheese-infused dumplings nestled alongside mushrooms or seeking the sweet and fruity delight of banana-filled dumplings, the Münchner Knödelei is a haven for gourmets.

With a diverse array of dumpling creations, each visit promises a culinary adventure where every bite is a delightful surprise.

Beverages Corner

The tent also offers a variety of other traditional Bavarian dishes and a selection of beers (Paulaner) and other beverages (non-alcoholic).

Sweet Corner

  • Das Knödelei – dessert pan 
  • Iced dumpling

Seat and Table Reservation

This little space is famous for keeping the traditional Bavarian culture alive and gets crowded in a fraction of the time. It is always helpful to book your tables so that you may not miss out on your favorite dumplings. 

It is easy to accommodate 399 people for dining and other tent festivities. The tent also has an outdoor space for 400 people who love to sit under the German sky. There is an additional space for 26 visitors standing on the ground of Muenchner’s Tent.