Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei

Thomas and Christian Luff host Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei, and the Luff family has run it for nearly 90 years. It has been built at the Munich Oktoberfest since 1926. Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei is a beloved mainstay at the Munich Oktoberfest that effortlessly combines tradition and modernity from the inside out.

From the outside, the tent is decorated with a facade featuring the Munich skyline and historical figures. The visual experience of the tent is fulfilled by the life-sized groups animated on the canopy. So, when the roof opens on sunny days, people can enjoy the Bavarian sky, creating a pleasant vibe. 

Inside the tent, there is a “Bavaria barrier-free” space. This tent is appreciated for the barrier-free entrances and wheelchair-accessible seating with a dedicated toilet and parking spaces for wheelchairs and strollers so it can cater to everyone’s needs.

The interior of the tent radiates a warm, family-friendly atmosphere. The tent’s vibe is climate-neutral. There is an addition of Children’s high chairs and a changing table that makes it more of a family-friendly experience.

Operating Hours At Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei

Monday – Sunday: 10 a.m. to 10:30 p.m

Essential Guidelines for Visitors Of Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei

If you’re planning to visit Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei tent at the Munich Oktoberfest, here are some essential guidelines for a memorable experience:

  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere – Poschner’s is known for being a family-friendly tent. Take advantage of the discounted offers on family days, and get a chance to enjoy the children’s menu. Engage yourself in fun activities for the little ones.
  • Respect Local Customs – Engage with the local customs, whether joining in on traditional dances or raising a glass for a toast. It enhances the overall experience.
  • Check for Live Entertainment – Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei often features live music or entertainment. Check the schedule to enjoy some local performances while you dine.
  • Payment Options – Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei only accepts cash. So carry some money with you while visiting the tent.
  • Environmental Consciousness – Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei is committed to sustainability, being the first festival tent in Germany to receive the “Dehoga Environmental Check” in gold. Appreciate and support their environmentally conscious practices.

Menu At Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei

Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei offers a diverse menu with classics and modern twists. So you can enjoy the spit-roasted 1/2 chicken and the famous half duck, or opt for lighter choices like turkey breast with lettuce. Unique options on the menu include chicken stomachs in herb cream and a hearty soup pot. 

Most of the menu is certified organic, with vegetarian and vegan options available. The exclusive Märzenbier is served from a wooden barrel at the tent. During the Weekdays, usually from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., the tent presents an opportunity to enjoy reasonably priced rotating dishes. The tent’s renovation breathes new life into its deep-rooted tradition, creating a charming setting for an unforgettable dining experience.

Seats and Table Reservations At Poschners Huehner Und Entenbraterei

Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei provides a comfortable and welcoming seating arrangement and table reservations. The tent combines traditional Bavarian long wooden tables and benches, fostering a communal atmosphere that aligns with the Oktoberfest spirit. 

Securing a table reservation is advisable for those planning a visit, especially during peak times, as it is a small tent with room for only 400 seats. Reservations can be essential for larger groups or families seeking a cohesive dining experience. To make a reservation, visitors can typically reach out to Poschner’s Hühner und Entenbraterei through their official channels.