Schiebls Kaffeehaferl

The Schiebl family has been looking after this small tent since 1976 by showcasing their dedication to maintaining Munich’s traditions. Schiebls Kaffeehaferl is located in front of the Hofbräu tent at the Oktoberfest grounds, and Thomas Schiebl hosts the tent. 

The tent does not draw much attention from the outside due to its simple appearance. There is an elegant and warm atmosphere inside the tent. The interior of the Schiebls Kaffeehaferl is adorned with tasteful decorations that reflect a traditional Bavarian style that creates a welcoming ambiance for everyone. Rich wooden furnishings, decorative fabrics, and subtle lighting enhance the tent’s aesthetic appeal.

Schiebls small tent provides a relaxing environment for guests to enjoy a variety of treats. The tent provides an amazing space for family gatherings, especially on the designated kids’ day, by offering special treats and entertainment. People enjoy this tent’s cozy and calming atmosphere, even without music. That’s why Schiebls Kaffeehaferl is ideal for those seeking a delightful pit stop during the festivities. 

Operating Hours Of Schiebls Kaffeehaferl

Monday to Sunday – 10 AM to 11:30 PM

Essential Guidelines For Visitors Schieble Kaffeehaferl

Here are a few of the essential guidelines for visitors to Schieble Kaffehaferl.

  • Weekday Promotions – Take advantage of any weekday promotions or specials. Schieble Kaffeehaferl may offer discounts or unique blends during specific hours on weekdays.
  • Engage with Staff – Don’t hesitate to interact with the friendly staff. They often have recommendations and insights to enhance your visit, from menu suggestions to cultural insights.
  • Follow Tent-Specific Social Media – Stay updated on Wiesn Guglhupf’s latest offerings and events by following their social media accounts. It’s a handy way to get real-time information and access exclusive deals.

Menu Schiebls Kaffeehaferl

Schiebls Kaffeehaferl offers a delightful selection of homemade treats. The Fresh Apple Cake is baked throughout the day and signifies the taste of the freshest ingredients, ensuring a moist and flavorful experience. Every dessert is enriched with seasonal fruits that add an authentic Bavarian taste to your plate. If you love sweets, your savoring expertise will be of the next level at Schiebls Kaffeehaferl. This tent has a special connection with the taste of traditional Munich pastries. 

The offerings at the small Schiebls Kaffeehaferl tent include:

  • Café au lait
  • Fresh homemade apple cake. 
  • Plum Strudel 
  • Milk-Cream Strudel 
  • Soft and Fluffy Dampfnudels 
  • Custard Drizzle
  • Ausgezogene

So pair up your sweets with a selection from the diverse coffee menu, including Italian, Irish, and the refreshing Vine Coffee. Breakfast dishes are also available other than the classic tent offerings. You would get a chance to enjoy the hot and fresh Strudels, tarts, and pastries, enhancing your culinary adventure with the brewers’ selection of wines and spirits, giving you a traditional culinary artistry experience.

Seats and Table Reservations Schiebls Kaffeehaferl

Securing a seat at Schiebls Kaffeehaferl is a stroke of luck for visitors due to its limited capacity. As the tent has room for just 60 people, everyone is advised to do pre-bookings.  The process for tent reservation seems simple for regular visitors. Call one day before to ensure a reserved table that guarantees a stress-free experience. So even if there is a spontaneous Oktoberfest adventurer, Schiebl’s offers the chance to enter without reservation.