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The strong beer festival in Munich is a festival that people look forward to every year during the fasting period between Ash Wednesday and Easter. In case you are wondering what starkbierfest is all about, here’s some information for you.

Besides the famous Oktoberfest festival in Munich, Starkbierfest is the second biggest beer festival that gives people a great opportunity to enjoy their time with their friends, eat delectable meals, spend some time with loved ones, and of course, wear the traditional lederhosen or Dirndl. The historic origin of strong beer festival lies in the catholic religion. The monks didn’t have the permission to eat during the fasting period and brewed dark beer, which was stronger in calories and served as the best alternative for food.

If you plan to attend Starkbierfest, don’t forget to add Bavarian costumes to your wardrobe collection.

Starkbierfest for Women- The Perfect Dirndl

When you attend Starkbierfest, be sure to wear a dirndl costume! A dirndl Starkbierfest costume is necessary for starkbierfest, especially if you want to enjoy the event and blend in with the locals. Our collection of dirndls features a bodice, blouse, skirt, and apron. You can find bright colored combinations, or dull, pastel, richer, and darker shades. Most of our costumes feature classy, yet delicate details, thanks to the delicate lace, embroidered, and ribbon details on the bodice. Another eye-catching detail you can find is the floral neckline designs with matching skirts and accessories.

Starkbierfest Costumes for Men- The Timeless Lederhosen

If you are searching for a costume you can wear to starkbierfest, then what you need is lederhosen. Lederhosen for men in our inventory is sure to keep eyes on you. They are made of genuine leather, have embroidered details, and they are available in different colors. To give you the classic Bavarian look, our costumes also come with checkered shirts, which look more like office shirts (for men) with a long sleeve or short sleeve variations. The top pick in our inventory is the blue, red, red and white, blue and white checkered shirt. However, your options don’t end just here! You can find a plethora of different colors and styles.

Browse through our inventory and buy cheap German starkbierfest outfits today!