How to sport jackets with a dirndl dress without looking extra?

Dirndl Dress

If you’re a dirndl fan and someone who gets chilly real quick, jackets will be your best friend. Although Oktoberfest takes place in autumn and is usually not that cold, the evenings might get brisk. Minimal jackets come in handy here. The Bavarian tracht is a traditional outfit, so pairing jackets with it can be tricky. 

Nothing to worry about. This blog will take you through some tips and tricks for wearing jackets with traditional attire and what kind of jackets you can wear. So, without further ado, Let’s dig in!

Tips To Wear Jackets With Dirndl Dress

Learning the art of transitional fashion aka the spring or autumn outfits can be challenging. The autumn season makes it impossible to forecast the weather so Oktoberfest can be uncertain.

The temperature changes on an everyday basis. Occasionally, the warm days can last pretty long and the nights can be chilly and overcast. Therefore, it becomes crucial to pick a Bavarian outfit suitable for fall. This is where the jackets play the part. 

Usually seen around Oktoberfest, you can even wear these during the winters or any other formal event. We have got some easy tips to sport jackets with your traditional dirndls

Similar or Extended Length

If you are someone who gets cold real fast, wearing a jacket of the same length as your outfit or even a longer length will work wonders for you. Deciding the length of your dress’s hem and the jacket can be confusing. 

A trench coat will look gorgeous with your midi length Oktoberfest dirndl. However, if you want a bolder look, pair up a trucker jacket with a mini outfit. Truckers are typically made of leather and denim, and you can choose either of them based on your style (or cold tolerance). 

They’ve been in the urbane fashion for decades and are still going strong. If you wear a vivid colored blouse or bodice, a leather trucker in caramel, khaki, brown, or beige will make a statement and protect you from the cold. 

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Shorter Length

A traditional yet elegant way is to wear jackets shorter in length to your German dirndl outfit. With the longer jackets, they might draw attention away from your striking dresses. But the cropped jackets will not only add a pop of chic factor but also give you a cozy sense of warmth that you need at a fall festival.

Many traditional jackets can be combined with the whole ensemble, especially in a short length. For instance, an off-white gossamer cropped jacket is perfect for an outfit in vibrant hues. It comes in a defining shape that will give you a feminine vibe that emphasizes your waistline. You can buy one with minimal floral or lace adornments on the sleeves.

Bonus Tip: If you want to go the extra mile and stand out from the crowd, you can buy cropped leather jackets and simply drape them over your shoulders. You will look cool and suave in it. 

Add A Belt To Your German Dirndl Dress

An authentic dirndl is all about highlighting your bust and defining the waistline, and what better way to do it than adding a belt? If you wear a short jacket over the bodice, it might hide your beautiful waist. But accessorizing it with a glamorous belt will give you a gorgeous, tailored look and save you from the chilly evenings at the Oktoberfest grounds.

The choice of the belt is totally up to you. Gold ones, leopard prints, and leather belts will give the oomph factor to your dirndl dress. 

Throw The Jacket On Your Shoulders

The most stylish way to wear jacket is to drape it over your shoulders, despite the hands that invariably peek out. With your arms free, this hack enables you to display the entirety of your dress casually and effortlessly.  

It will appear as though you tossed it on casually as you left for the festival. Here’s an elegant idea that you can easily manifest at the event. Drape a pine green jacket with piped lapel collars and embroidered stag designs over a black inner blouse and bodice, and we assure you that everyone will be charmed by your style. 

Color Contrast

We have a pro tip for you to steal the show at Oktoberfest. The color block or contrast technique will be handy if you have bought a monochromatic vintage dirndl. If you dislike color consistency, wear a jacket that is in stark contrast to the rest of your outfit. 

The difference in shades will draw attention to your blouse, bodice, and apron on their own, creating a bold and modern ensemble, exactly like you see on the red carpets.

Which Jackets Should You Wear?

Now that you’re all caught up on how to don jackets with the Bavarian tracht, you must be wondering what kind of jackets you should wear. Traditionally, the jackets specially made in local German shops are a great way to go. However, you can go for leather and denim jackets for a more contemporary look. Cutesy cardigans with floral patterns like little daisies or roses go perfectly well if you have a more feminine style. 

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