Starkbierfest Strong Beer Festival in Munich: The Fun of Wearing Lederhosen

Most tourists and beer-loving travelers keep Munich on their list of “must” visit destinations during autumn for the famous Oktoberfest Celebration. Yes, Oktoberfest is probably a famous beer Event in Europe and now across the globe, but the spring festival, Starkbierfest is one that also extracts a large crowd. This festival is equally as famous as Oktoberfest because beer lovers get to indulge in pints of beer that twice as strong as the one available at the Oktoberfest Beerfest.

If attending Oktoberfest seems a little, too crazy for the first time, the strong beer festival of Munich is a mellower introduction to the grand one held in Munich. On this festival, you can still sing rowdy drunk songs, dance on the tables, have fun on rides, munch on delectable snacks, admire the mens Lederhosen and womens Dirndl, celebrate the Bavarian culture, and drink lots of local beer!

In the USA, most locals and tourists from different states and countries look forward to attending the “fifth season” (as locals in Germany refer to Starkbierfest) celebration in Munich. It’s a strong beer time and a three-week frenzy that keeps beer lovers hooked on for more beer. On this event, breweries and beer halls host their own Munich beer festival across the city. It’s a spectacular occasion where you get the privilege of tasting different beers and special concoctions that keep you glued for more.

When is Starkbierfest?

Mark your calendars because Starkbierfest 2017 dates are starting from 10th all the way through to 26th March.  The biggest and original party takes place at Paulaner Nockherberg brewery, a few miles away from the south of Central Munich. Thousands of visitors visit this destination in their traditional Bavarian outfits and pack into nockherberg-starkbierfest halls to have fun and dance to old time and modern hits of German songs. If you plan to visit this splendid event, then be sure to grab your German outfits.

Munich Beer Festival Costumes- What Should You Wear?

The men’s lederhosen consists of 100% pure leather pants with suspenders, and the Bavarian shirt. Complete your Bavarian look with lederhosen shoes, caps, and more accessories. Women can flaunt their naughty sides wearing dirndls, which comes in a complete set with a bodice, skirt, dirndl blouse, apron, shoes and different accessories to complete the look.

What makes these costumes unique is their detail. The women’s costumes feature intricate embroideries, cuts, different patterns, lace aprons, silk skirts, net stockings and various alterations that help to enhance the figure. Men’s lederhosen can also vary depending on length, embroideries, and shirt styles.

A Glimpse into the History of Strong Beer Festival

The historical origin of the Bockbier or the strong beer lies in the catholic religion. It may be Munch’s best-kept secret but it is actually quite older than Oktoberfest. In the mid-1600s, Paulaner monks of Munich were the first to bring in the concept of the strong beer festival.

In their fasting period, monks didn’t have the permission to eat anything and hence craft monks brewed darker beer to sustain them through the period. They concocted strong beer that was high in calories to substitute for food. You may be surprised to learn that in the German language, the word Stark refers to “strong” but the name “Starkbier” does not actually refer to the alcoholic punch rather, the beers original worth. The name indicates a number of solids or similar calories the beverage contains.

Today, most people do not fast anymore, but the strong beer festival and tradition of drinking dark beer has survived through the years, so don’t miss out this mini version of the Oktoberfest!

What Does Salvator And Starkbier Taste Like?

Salvator and Starkbier are exceptionally good and taste somewhat sweeter as they contain some extra malt. Stakbier has a nutty taste with flavors that range from cloves, caramel, to toffee with ample sugar. A guideline for the starkbier guarantees that it contains at least 7.5% alcohol and some go up to 9%. The starkbier has a creamy butterscotch glow. Along with its maltiness and color, this marks the characteristic of the Bavarian drink and locals refer to it as double bock beer. Salvator is a lot similar to starkbier in appearance, but it heavier and surely a must try!

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