5 ways to style your hair with dirndl in 2022

style your hair with dirndl

Oktoberfest is around the corner, and if you’re attending this year, you should start preparing now. Deciding the perfect dirndl, accessories, jewelry, and which bag to buy are all imperative to a memorable festive season. One specific thing that gives you an influx of variety to play with is hairstyles. 

Whether it is Coachella or a local festival, your hairstyle represents your taste and how you like to carry yourself. It can be clean, sophisticated, elegant, quirky, and tousled, whatever best suits your style. We have laid out some easy, chic, and less time-consuming hairstyles that you can recreate for the upcoming Oktoberfest to steal the show.

Vintage Waves With Dirndl This Year

Vintage hairstyles give your outfit an element of grace and elegance, and you can never go wrong with them. It gives your hair a full, voluminous appearance. Here’s how you can achieve this look. With a one-inch curling iron, curl the hair all over the head in the same direction. 

After the curls have cooled, comb them out using a boar bristle brush. Use a comb to gently backcomb the curls to give them more volume. To finish, spritz some spray to lock the style in place, so it stays all night long at the Oktoberfest. It will be a perfect addition to your vintage dirndl

Loose Curls

The ideal style for any festive occasion is the beachy waves or loose curls. A soft wave is modest and graceful. It looks fantastic on long hair and adds just the proper volume and dimension without feeling extravagant. 

To create this look: You’ll need a curling iron one and a half inches in diameter. Alternate each section as you curl, leaving the ends straight. After you’ve curled it, let it cool for a few minutes, comb it out, and add a volumizing spray.

Pair up these beautiful loose curls with a black dirndl blouse for a feminine and sultry look, and turn every head at the Oktoberfest with this combination. 

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Braid Ponytail

Looking for a simple, effortless hairstyle that will also make an impact? We advise you to try a braided ponytail. A braided ponytail is exquisite and unique because it keeps your hair out of your face while dancing on top of the beer stalls and having a wonderful time strolling around the festival grounds while still looking fashionable. It’s an easy hairdo so let’s see how you can create it.

Curl your hair for this style, so it has texture when you braid it. Use a brush or comb to comb the hair back and hairspray to smooth out any frizzy hair. Secure your ponytail with an elastic or rubber hair tie. Take a little part of the hair from the outside of one ponytail segment, bring it inside the other, and repeat on the other side of the ponytail. 

Going all the way down, you will cross over each side and toward the center. When you reach the end of the ponytail, finish it with an elastic and fluff out the braid’s ends for a fuller appearance, and Voila! There you have it. A slick and convenient hairstyle perfect for your dirndl.

Velvet Bow

Accessorizing your hair with a velvet bow is one of the most vogue ways to amp up your style game with the Oktoberfest dirndl.   This festive hair ornament perfectly strikes the celebratory mark with its soft, silky accent. The ideal length for the hair twist at the nape of the neck with this hairstyle is medium to long. 

A shiny, sleek ponytail is easier to style when your hair is straight and has a fine texture. With a velvet bow, style your hair as follows: 

With an elastic tie, pull hair up into a neat, tight ponytail at the crown. To flare ends, flip hair out with a round brush. To complete, add a sizable velvet bow at the base of the ponytail.

Textured Ponytail

A textured ponytail will complement the look if you are wearing a heavily adorned dirndl at this year’s Oktoberfest. You can easily move around in the embellished outfit, eat those gigantic pretzels, and drink as much as you like because this hairdo will keep you stress-free all night long. 

Start by adding texture to the hair with a brush, curling it away from the face to create the desired look. After that, pull your hair back and secure it with a hair tie in a matching shade. After that, apply a dry spray to the hair’s ends. Then, add height and volume at the crown using a wide-tooth comb to push hair at the top of the head toward the roots from the end.

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