How to Tie Your Dirndl Apron to Make a Perfect Bow this Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is right around the corner and that means thousands of people are scrambling to get their hands on Lederhosen and the dirndl dress. These traditional Bavarian clothing options are an integral part of the largest beer festival in the world, also known as “Wiesn”. Not only do they get people into the spirit of Oktoberfest but also infuse an appreciation for the culture, tradition, and history of Bavaria, and of course, they are fun to wear and party in.

The German dirndl dress sculpts and molds the body of the women and highlights their curves. The dress flaunts the form and figure of women making them feel as beautiful as they look. But don’t be fooled, the dirndl dress is not as simple as it looks. There lies quite a bit of history behind the traditional clothing options and if you don’t know what’s what, you can end up being embarrassed in front of the locals.

First off, you don’t want to cheap out on your dirndl dress since the locals can spot a cheap or a low-quality dirndl from a mile away, and isn’t the whole point of Oktoberfest to immerse yourself with the locals (well that, and drink beer)? You can rent out your dirndl dress or buy it from the Lederhosen Store where you can get authentic leather lederhosen and a complete dirndl dress that will light up your pictures for Oktoberfest.

Steps to Tie a Beautiful Knot for Your Dirndl Dress

Once you’ve got your apron of choice, there are plenty of ways you can tie the knot. Let’s stick to the classic apron bow for now.

Step:- 3

As you pull the strand from inside the nook, it will create a second loop symmetrical to the first. This will create a delightful little classic bow on your apron.

Style and Types of Apron Bows

If the classical bow style is too simple for you then you can always go for something a little more complex, like the package bow, Dior bow, and flower bow. You can even try the butterfly knot or the water knot. The possibilities are virtually endless for how you can tie your apron into an eye-catching and delightful knot that will set you apart from the crowd this Oktoberfest!

Know the Meaning Behind the Apron Knot!

Now that you have tied your apron bow, you have to know where to place it. The placement of your apron knot in particular, has significant meaning. Often, the very first thing men look at is where the bow is on the apron of the woman. This is because it tells them whether the woman is single, in a relationship, married, or even widowed.

Tied on the Right

However, if the knot of the apron is tied to the right side, it means that the woman is either married or in a committed relationship and is unavailable.

Tied Front and Centre

A bow tied in the front and centre of the apron indicates that the woman is a virgin! Or simply that she’s telling you to mind your own business.

Tied on the Back in Centre

Lastly, the bow tied in the center on the back of the apron is for widows, servers or children.

Tied on the back and center

The dirndl dress represents your appreciation of the Bavarian culture and it’s an easy way to know whether the woman can be approached or not. That is why it is important for you to know how to tie your apron knot and where to locate it. The apron knot and its meaning may be seen as strange by some but it stems from the Bavarian tradition and when in Rome, do as the Romans do!

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