Why Should You Buy a Dirndl Dress Online

why buy dirndl dress online

The Oktoberfest is imminent, and you don’t have much time left to shop for your dirndl dress. On top of it, you’re a non-German and do not have the luxury of strolling around the local shops in Bavaria. Figuring out the best outfit should be your concern here rather than worrying about less time or opportunities. 

Shopping online is your best bet here, and we have prepared a detailed list of why you should opt for it. Keep on reading and enjoy the festive season, gals!

Buying A Dirndl Dress Online

The ladies who attend the festival for the first time are mostly confused about whether to buy their Bavarian tracht online or wait until their trip to Germany. It’s almost like deciding between the window or the aisle because everyone wants the window seat, and online shopping is synonymous with the window seat here. Here’s the lineup for why you should buy your dirndl dress online. 

An Out-of-Germany Oktoberfest

If your Oktoberfest plans have been terminated for this year and you are going to celebrate it in your state, shopping online will be your only and the most viable choice. 

This is true even if you’re only attending one of the countless Oktoberfest parties on this side of the Atlantic. Nowadays, it appears like there is a special celebration taking place in each significant city and at every renowned brewery. 

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Save Your Time

Online shopping is far better than visiting outlets and stores to purchase traditional tracht because it saves time. To find the outfits you desire in the shortest possible time, you can quickly browse through several online shops and e-commerce stores.

Buy your clothing online before your vacation if the last thing you want to do during the festive season is to spend hours hopping from one dirndl shop to another trying on clothes. You won’t necessarily find an outfit you love or that fits you well just because you’re in Germany.

Figuring the ideal ensemble can take a long time. Spending time putting on tracht in a public changing room is a loss of your valuable sightseeing time. Purchase your outfit online before your trip so you won’t have to worry about it while you’re there for Oktoberfest.

Perfect Fitting For Your German Dirndl Dress

Finding a dirndl dress that fits you properly online may seem strange, but hear us out. This might be a better choice if you’re someone who doesn’t fit perfectly into every item of clothing you try on.

For instance, store-bought clothes are typically too long for you if you are short. Online stores provide customized outfit choices which are perfect for you. The options are limitless, from colors, trims, and lace designs, to the lengths, embroidery details, and fabrics. It might cost you a little more than usual, but it will be worth all the extra money. 

Lesser Stress

You can significantly reduce your stress by shopping online. You don’t need to worry about running into a crowd or having to wait in a long line before buying something. This is unlike shopping from a physical outlet where you have to stand in line only to pay, which can be irritating sometimes.

Munich’s roadside dirndl shops are especially crowded during Oktoberfest; there are too many people and, if you’re not careful, you could even get pickpocketed.


The shops in Germany are undoubtedly classic, and they offer traditional elements to the Bavarian tracht. However, it will cost you almost like heart surgery, and you don’t want to pay that much just for a festive outfit. 

Online retailers frequently distribute more discount offers and coupon codes, which consumers can use to make purchases to entice more customers to buy their products. Online bonuses are also more plentiful than those found in physical stores.


If you purchase the outfit in a physical store in Germany, your options are constrained by the minimal inventory they carry. Only the limited sizes, patterns, colors, and pricing are available to you. (Plus, they don’t have a lot of anything in stock) Because there aren’t any other shades in your size, you might not have any other option but to wear a tone you don’t like. Or a tight-fitting dress.  

If you choose to order the outfit online, you will have an entire internet’s diversity to choose from. every size, color, pattern, and length will be available at your fingertips. It is almost impossible not to find an ensemble that you don’t like online.

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Easy Returns

Our favorite pick is the convenient and hassle-free returns that come with shopping your dirndl online. You can exchange your outfit or get a refund without giving extra charges or spending an additional amount of time. A dress that doesn’t meet your expectations in size, color, or fabric quality can be replaced easily. 

Products purchased online have a temporary warranty covering replacement. If you discover that the product has flaws and is malfunctioning, you may replace it following the online store’s replacement policy. You can save time because no one will ask you tons of questions before the exchange or refund. 

Buying a dirndl dress online is not all fun and game, though; you could get scammed by second-rate websites offering low-quality fabrics and faded colors. Lederhosen Store brings you high-end outfits that will last more than just the festive season and make your evenings memorable.

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