The Ultimate Guide to Oktoberfest Dress-Up

Oktoberfest is all about food, beer, mingling, and a chance of finding your soul mate – hey, 6 million people visit Oktoberfest each year – so you never know. It is also famous for its lively traditional costumes. 

This guide will discuss all about the Oktoberfest dress up, with a strapping Lederhosen and a breezy Dirndl. We at Lederhosen Store know how to get you just the right Oktoberfest costume – so stay with us and grab a cup of coffee 😉

Why dressing up for Oktoberfest is important?

Most people attending Oktoberfest in Munich dress up in traditional Oktoberfest outfits. These Costumes are historically traditional Bavarian outfits (aka. trachten). Dressing up in traditional garments is an experience in itself. 

Not only will dressing up in Oktoberfest costumes let you blend in with the locals, but it will also make the experience a lot more enjoyable. 

The crowd at Oktoberfest Munich is primarily German-speaking, but as a foreigner, you can still blend in by dressing up in an authentic Oktoberfest outfit

We at Lederhosen Store have designed a guide that will help you with Oktoberfest dress up for the occasion. Everything from Men Oktoberfest outfit, Women’s Oktoberfest outfit, to the Oktoberfest food and the music – this guide will make sure that you dress the part and make it an experience of a lifetime. 

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Oktoberfest Costume History

Back in the 17th Century, Dirndl dress and Lederhosen; the traditional Bavarian outfits were everyday clothes worn by the locals of Munich.

The use of traditional garments saw a fall in the wake of modern fashion trends of the 1800s, and this is when the affluent citizens of Munich began to recapture the magic of the traditional garments available to them at their countryside vacation homes. 

Thus, began a renaissance of traditional Bavarian clothes, ensuring that this facet of the Alpine culture stays intact. 

The first Riflemen and Tracht Parade was introduced to the Oktoberfest festivities in 1835, and in 1883 the Traditional Costume Society – Trachtenverein – was established. 

At present, almost all visitors at the festival dress up in authentic Oktoberfest outfits and costumes.

Oktoberfest Dress FAQs

We want to give your queries a head start right at the beginning so let’s discuss some Oktoberfest dress-up FAQs:

Around 90% of the visitors will be dressed up in Oktoberfest dress on some level; however,  75% of them will be fully dressed in a traditional Oktoberfest costume

Out of 6 million attendees, usually, 70% hail from Bavaria, and around 15% are from Germany, so Oktoberfest dress up in traditional attires is the norm.

Yes, none will be stopping you; you can certainly wear your regular clothes and still be able to access every nook and corner of the festival; however, you will be missing out on a novel experience. 

Dressing up for Oktoberfest will give you a feeling of belonging and being involved, and that makes it all the more fun. Besides, taking pictures clad in a traditional Dirndl dress and in an authentic Lederhosen will increase the overall drama in your memories – for years to come. 

If you decide to wear “normal” clothes, we highly recommend avoiding novelty t-shirts or shirts with your city/country name splashed across the front. Instead, go for checkered shirts with your jeans or trousers.

Authentic and traditional Oktoberfest dress-up outfits are called Tracht (pronunciation – Tra-oct). While women wear traditional Dirndl costumes (Dirndl pronunciation – Deern-dul), whereas men wear authentic Lederhosen (pronunciation – Lay-der-hozen) breeches. 

Many other groups exist that have their own personal mark on the traditional Oktoberfest costume in terms of embellishments, color combos, embroidery, and accessories. 

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Lederhosen Store is your best bet when it comes to shopping online for authentic Tracht garments. Our designers have created authentic German Dirndl dresses and authentic Lederhosen that offer amazing options to nail your unique Bavarian outlook, in addition, suit your style and budget. 

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Below we have a detailed guide on how to dress up for the festival, which includes a detailed look at Oktoberfest outfits for men and women. Together, we will discuss and create your look for Oktoberfest 2023.

Women’s Oktoberfest Outfits

When it comes to women’s outfits for Oktoberfest, there are hundreds of variations that range from traditional and modern to ultra-modern. Rest assured that there is no right or wrong way to Oktoberfest dress up – typically, you will want to wear a traditional Dirndl costume that is at least over your knees with some comfortable Dirndl shoes. 

Please go through our comprehensive Oktoberfest women’s costume guide, complete with all essential elements of an Oktoberfest female costume.

What is a Dirndl?

The Dirndl costume has been around for centuries, and it has been used as peasant workwear and house-maid uniform since the middle-ages, but the Dirndl renaissance came in the late 1800s in the urban fashion arena. 

This was a notable change in the history of Oktoberfest. In the 1810s first Oktoberfest, the wealthy citizens and urban class of women wore their large hoop dresses that were all the rage at that time. 

Before Dirndl dress came to be known as Oktoberfest classic costumes, the dresses were more on the classical side, complete with tiny umbrellas. 

The modern Dirndl dresses are still evolving after centuries of their inception; the unique dresses have climbed up the modern fashion ladder while staying connected to their traditional roots. 

The humble Dirndl costume of the past now has ornate designs, a vast color palette, bespoke embellishments, and a flair to rival a queen’s wardrobe. 

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Traditional Dirndl Dress

The characteristic feature of a traditional Dirndl costume is a white – sometimes lacey – blouse beneath a form-fitting traditional Dirndl dress along with an apron tied around in a beautiful bow. 

But what is a Dirndl? – A Dirndl dress is a three-piece or sometimes two-piece dress with a separate bodice and skirt. A Dirndl is expected to fit you snug around the sides, so we suggest you go for the smaller size if you are in between sizes. 

Any authentic Oktoberfest Dirndl dress will always offer you a wiggle room through its material or by loosening and fastening the lace ties. 

Please refer to our detailed Size Guide for a perfect-fitting Dirndl.

Tip:    Buy yourself a proper Dirndl dress instead of a wary-looking beer girl Halloween costume, trust us – you will thank us later.

We have prepared a smaller guide for you on where to shop for a Dirndl online and how to go about it. A decent Dirndl costume will cost you close to $150 and more, while custom Dirndls will cost a bit more. 

Our advice is to look for a decent Dirndl for Sale at a fantastic price – that way, you get a tailor-made garment at a price that fits you.

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Traditional and Modern Take on Dirndl Skirt Length

Authentic German Dirndl dresses and modern Dirndl dresses can come in a few different skirt lengths – however, they come primarily below the knees. The traditional German Dirndl dress option is a long skirt Dirndl – normally called a lang-dirndl – which ends a little above the ankle. 

An authentic Midi Dirndl will go from your shins to below your knees –authentic German Midi Dirndl dresses are the most acceptable skirt length these days at Oktoberfest

However, if you want to play around with your options, there is always the short Dirndl called Mini Dirndl – the ever-playful Mini Dirndl will stop a few inches above your knee. 

Tip:  Add in a petticoat or underskirt for added volume and movement – keep in mind the fullness of your Dirndl skirt while opting for it.

All three Dirndl dress lengths are equally popular and acceptable, so it generally does not matter which you choose – regarding Bavarians, they tend to choose Dirndl length that goes below the knees. 

The longer Dirndl dresses are a tad formal, a bit warm, and the length could restrict your dancing, moving around, or stepping over benches inside the Oktoberfest tents. It is advisable and also most people go for the middle option between the three Dirndl lengths – also factor in your height as it can also affect your overall Dirndl skirt length. 

However, you could choose the longer traditional Dirndl, the Midi Dirndl dress, or the modern Mini Dirndl – in the end, it all depends on your personal style. 

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Check out our authentic German Dirndl dresses, a vast collection at our online shop, the Lederhosen Store – offering gorgeous Midi Dirndl for Sale, modern Dirndls, and traditional Dirndl for Sale.  

Things to Avoid at Oktoberfest 

It is easy to spot the non-locals in the Oktoberfest tents in Munich as they often go for really short Halloween costume type dresses. The lengths of these costumes are of a meager mini-skirt. 

Most non-German stores in foreign countries only keep these flashy Halloween versions of beer girl costumes. So, for an authentic German Dirndl, you have to shop online (Lederhosen Store) or in person when you arrive in Munich, but that might be a shorter timeframe to get your perfect Dirndl dress and get the alterations done – if needed. 

Dirndl for Sale

At Lederhosen Store, we offer bespoke Dirndl dresses designed and customized to suit your style, body type, and height. If you want to get the natural feel of Oktoberfest and want a perfect Oktoberfest dress-up instead of a Halloween version, spend a few extra dollars and get an authentic Dirndl set that will dazzle the crowd. 

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Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $104.00.Current price is: $89.00.

Dirndl Blouses and Brassieres

A traditional Dirndl blouse is white and covers shoulders, and the neck cut is subject to how much skin you are willing to show. The square frame of the blouse is complemented with the opening around your upper chest – the décolletage. 

You can always play around with your Dirndl blouse opening that ranges from diamond, sweetheart, or oval shapes, and you can also choose a full covering blouse, vintage Dirndl blouse, and Dirndl blouse plus size for curvy ladies.   

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The most prevalent style of Dirndl blouses has shorter sleeves, puffy shoulders, and a popped vertical collar. This collar could be taut or ruffled – both these options add an extra noble look to your Dirndl costume that is similar to Snow White. 

Tip:  You can choose the length of your Dirndl blouse according to your liking – either go for a Dirndl blouse long length or choose a shorter Dirndl blouse – both look magnificent. 

There are plenty of other traditional, modern, and ultra-modern blouse options, including off-the-shoulder or Carmen’s blouse, peekaboo shoulder, or lace blouse options. The Dirndl blouse pattern is also important to choose sensibly while planning your Oktoberfest Dirndl look. 

Bonus: Some lace blouses are cut in a way to supplement as a supportive bra. 

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How much skin is okay at Oktoberfest? – Most women show off a decent amount of their décolletage; however, younger girls steer clear of it and prefer the hearty side and stay covered. 

Many adult women sport a plunging neckline and display quite a bit of cleavage, but that characteristic look is not only because of the neckline of the blouse. 

This characteristic look is deeply assisted by a unique corset Dirndl bra – mieder büstenhalter – which gives a pushup look you may have noticed on the Dirndl dresses.

Dirndl Apron & Bow Etiquettes

An authentic German Dirndl will have a gorgeous apron – schürze – to be wrapped around and tied off with a neat bow on the front.  Dirndl dress started out as workwear and everyday outfits, so the apron was needed to keep the Dirndl clean and free of wear and tear. 

Oktoberfest apron is usually made from silk, satin,linen or cotton. The choice of fabric for an Oktoberfest apron depends on your desired Dirndl style. 

Moreover, the Dirndl apron pattern accurately represents ancient Bavarian textiles, and they look mesmerizing, to say the least. 

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Drindl Dress

Fun Fact: In advertisements that offer Dirndl for Sale, the bow is usually on the Dirndl’s left side, meaning the Dirndl dress is available. 

The Significance Behind the Oktoberfest Apron Knot

Where you tie, your Dirndl apron bow is important as it represents your relationship status. 

Tie your Dirndl apron bow on:

The Left, if you are single

The Right, if you are committed or married

The Middle, if you are a young child or a virgin

The Back, if you are either a widow or a waitress

Read more about tying a Dirndl Apron Bow: How to Tie Your Dirndl Apron to Make a Perfect Bow this Oktoberfest 

Wedding bands and rings are worn on the right hand in and around this part of Germany if worn at all, so placing your Dirndl bow carefully is important. 

Authentic Dirndl Shoes

Pumps and ballerina flats or simple flat shoes are the most common choice for the Oktoberfest Dirndl ensemble. Local flat shoes with a strap across them with rubber soles, heels, and toes are trendy for dancing – for that distinct noise they create while dancing. 

The flat shoes are popular for a different reason too, and they are a women’s favorite Trachten shoes as they are easy to pack. 

If you want to wear heels as Dirndl shoes, most stilettos can become hard to match with your Dirndl and, frankly, are a less practical choice for Oktoberfest fields and tents.

 We at Lederhosen Store suggest a much more practical yet traditional-looking alternative to stilettos that are called Dirndl pumps, and they have a thicker high heel and a secure buckle strap. There is a massive variety of Oktoberfest shoes for ladies. These Dirndl shoes are produced locally and made from goatskin– making them more comfortable for those long Oktoberfest days and nights. 

Additionally, these shoes provide more support, are stouter, have good traction on beer-soaked floors, and match the Bavarian look better. The authentic Dirndl shoes are inexpensive and will come in handy all year round. 


The next option for trachten shoes for an Oktoberfest Dirndl ensemble is a pair of leather ankle boots known as Trachten Stiefelette. These gorgeous shoes are enticing and similar to Dirndl pumps only they have a lace-up top that sits 2 to 5 inches above your ankle and could also include a side zipper for easy access. There are plenty of ankle boot styles in the market ranging from formal boots to work boots. 

We recommend avoiding cowboy-style boots in favor of authentic Dirndl shoes – as the cowboy shoes are not Bavarian and look awkward and misplaced with a Dirndl

Pro-Tip: Avoid wearing open-toe shoes at Oktoberfest, keep in mind the number of beer glasses and steins that get broken during Oktoberfest celebrations. The chaotic floors of the Oktoberfest tents make open-toed shoes a massive safety risk.

Consider pairing up your shoes with socks and pantyhose, and remember to pair them correctly with your Dirndl shoes. Or go for a traditional below-the-knees knit sock with your flats and open-top heels. A cotton sock with a lace frill at the top will go beautifully with ankle boots.

Dirndl Purses & Bags 

It would help if you kept your Dirndl purse as small as possible for Oktoberfest. When it comes to Dirndl accessories, the larger bags are not allowed inside the beer tents, and also, the giant purse models are incredibly impractical for Oktoberfest grounds. 

Tiny clutches seem like a good idea initially; however, drinking beer from your massive 1-liter stein while holding your clutch can be difficult. 

Your best bet for a Dirndl purse or Dirndl bag can be a simple cross-body purse that takes design inspiration from Oktoberfest. A crossbody bag will keep your things secure, accessible while keeping your Dirndl bag small and hands-free. 

Plenty of decorative Dirndl bags come with cross-body straps- exclusively inspired by Oktoberfest themes and can be made to match any Dirndl dress

Dirndl accessories are worthwhile and come in many shapes, sizes, and materials. Some Dirndl bags are made from Suede leather – the same material from which most Lederhosen breeches are made – and shaped like gingerbread heart cookies that are extremely popular at Oktoberfest.

When it comes to accessorizing your authentic Dirndl and Oktoberfest look, go for some rustic Dirndl wallets – the dirndltasche – which can be made to match the material of your Dirndl costume and strap-on directly onto the tie on the front of your apron. 

The Dirndl wallets come in very slim designs and are only 6 by 6 inches in size – give or take. 

The Dirndl wallets are a perfect size to keep your money, wallet, ID, phone, and some touch-up makeup. You can also fit in your passport, but a driver’s license is acceptable, and you don’t need an ID at Oktoberfest either unless you look very young, as the drinking age in Germany is 16 years.

Oktoberfest Hats, Hairstyle & Gamsbarts

Oktoberfest traditions and, by extension, Oktoberfest gear offer a wide range of outfit options that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s content. Creating a unique Oktoberfest Dirndl look is fun, yet too much of anything spoils the aura. 

So, get ready ladies, and let us walk you through the etiquettes and options for authentic Oktoberfest hat, traditional German hairstyles for ladies, and gamsbart hat pin designs and options. 

Hairstyles have always been an essential part of a women’s dressing routine, Oktoberfest dress up is none different. Oktoberfest womens hairstyles can be the crowning glory for your Dirndl costume and can make your outfit come together beautifully.

The traditional Heidi look is having pigtails or two ponytails tied off with ribbon pieces that match your Dirndl. You can weave Oktoberfest hair flowers, small meadow wild flowers, miniature roses, or colorful straps of ribbon into your hair, and they look best when used in modest amounts. 

Men wear traditional Oktoberfest peasant hat that are made from wool and felt. However, Oktoberfest hat pins and Oktoberfest hat women’s accessories have become increasingly popular among women too. 

Authentic Oktoberfest hat for women come in various colors and designs. The women’s hats are narrower than the men’s and are adorned with peacock or pheasant feathers. Likewise, fascinators or gamsbarts are also very famous at Oktoberfest. 

Gamsbart brush and Gamsbart hat for Oktoberfest are wide-ranging in terms of colors and styles. Gamsbart hat pin range from colored feathers that are held with edelweiss shape motif pins to mini Alpine hiking hats. 

Matching up your Gamsbart holder with your jewelry can be something extra for your overall look. Oktoberfest started as a celebration for the Bavarian royal wedding in 1810; a Gamsbart hat, Gamsbart hat pin, or fascinator can become a decent accessory as you will be a part of a wedding celebration. 

There are tons of game art for Sale in the market, so it will be pretty easy for you to find one that matches your Dirndl costume.

Dirndl Jewelry and Dirndl Accessories

Pairing up your Oktoberfest Dirndl dress with traditional German jewelry is recommended when you decide to dress for Oktoberfest in Munich. The Dirndl accessories include a gorgeous Dirndl purse, a Dirndl wallet, a comfortable Dirndl undershirt, and a Dirndl bra – although we suggest making the last two an essential rather than an accessory. 

The most common accessories are Dirndl hair accessories and a Weisn necklace or ribbon choker that matches your Dirndl dress. While the Dirndl undershirt and a Dirndl bra offer comfort on long Oktoberfest days and nights, the ornamental accessories raise your fashion stock. 

Consider an edelweiss flower made from pewter; not only is it an elegant way to adorn your choker or necklace, but also it looks super chic with a Dirndl. Not only is that famous at Oktoberfest, but stag (deer), lions (symbolizing Bavaria), beer steins, and pretzel choker centerpieces are also trendy. 

Hand ornaments and bracelets are mostly Dirndl and Oktoberfest themed – they are usually made from leather, ribbons, or semi-precious metals. 

Pro-Tip: Tie a short handkerchief silk scarf on your neck, and you can simply move it to your wrist at any moment to alter your look on the go. 

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Dirndl and Flash-Tattoos

Temporary flash tattoos and iconic gold tattoos have become popular Dirndl accessory for Oktoberfest. The foil tattoos are easy to press on the skin and have a metallic sheen that glitters with the light. 

You can easily find tattoos with Oktoberfest themes, hunting, or deer icons that are perfect for Wiesn in Munich. Flash tattoos for Oktoberfest are incredibly hassle-free and super cheap. 

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At the Lederhosen Store, we are often asked about carrying an umbrella as an accessory for rain at Oktoberfest, but that’s entirely unnecessary. 

Oktoberfest is one giant of an event, and you would probably monitor a 10-day forecast before leaving for the event – so if it is expected to rain – go for Small plastic ponchos. 

These ponchos/raincoats are disposable and are pretty cheap, plus they take no luggage space. Also, you can discard them once you enter the beer tents. 

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Edelweiss Flower and Oktoberfest 

Edelweiss is an important emblem in the Alpine region and tradition, so it is only fitting to see it at Oktoberfest in abundance. 

Everything from jewelry to Gamsbart hat pin to hair accessories, an Edelweiss flower is the trendiest item at Oktoberfest, and there’s a reason why. 

– The Edelweiss flower grows high in the mountains, and young men would risk their lives to get one for a girl, so they have always been a big deal. 

These days it is illegal to pick Edelweiss flowers as they are protected. Still, you can have a pewter Edelweiss on your choker, necklace, hat, and so forth. 

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Jackets & Sweaters for Oktoberfest

A Trachtenjacke, the ladies traditional jacket is made in different padding volumes – yet cut to create a feminine figure. The waist of wool blazers is shaped inwards, and the torso is quite short compared to the arms. 

Mostly Oktoberfest women’s jackets sport a stiff collar that is left unfolded. Traditional blazer jackets and cardigan sweaters are also an option to make your Oktoberfest look fantastic, and they are perfect for chilly fall days and evenings. 

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Female Lederhosen

Female Lederhosen are for women who want to make a bold statement with their outfit. The Female Lederhosen has become incredibly popular among women of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes, especially with international visitors. 

The traditional Lederhosen comes with leather suspenders and is very fitting if you have the legs to pull it off. 

Floral Women’s Lederhosen are made with a bit softer suede leather as compared to their male counterparts. Additionally, Women’s Lederhosen outfits are beautifully adorned with traditional Bavarian embroidery, and sometimes Oktoberfest theme embroidery is also a catch.

Dirndls for Sale

The designers at Lederhosen Store have created bespoke Dirndl dresses that value the traditional aspect of the Trachten and indulge in the modern trends of the 21st Century. With detailed stitching and cuts, our Dirndl costume collection is second to none – it’s where tradition meets innovation in a perfect harmony of quality materials, colors, and designs.

Enjoy our gorgeous authentic German Dirndl collection and pick out what suits your personal style and planned Oktoberfest dress-up look. The Dirndl line at our online shop is on Sale so have at it while it lasts.

Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $128.00.Current price is: $116.00.
Original price was: $104.00.Current price is: $89.00.

Mens Lederhosen 

Local men only splurge once; they buy Lederhosen that is of good quality and custom fit as an adult. An authentic Lederhosen is rarely washed, and that in itself adds to the look. The more expensive Oktoberfest Lederhosen are mainly hand-made out of buckskin/deerskin and meticulously sewn by a professional Säckler – the Lederhosen maker. 

Deerskin is hard-wearing yet incredibly supple to the touch than any other leather. Deerskin Lederhosen’s outfit is quite posh and amazingly exclusive – thus their skyrocketing price. 

A more affordable Lederhosen costume is made from cowhide leather or goatskin – both are sturdy and robust yet come at affordable prices. However, the strongest Lederhosen is made from Elk hide, and it is not only prestigious but also the most expensive. 

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Lederhosen Mistakes to Avoid

First and foremost, avoid buying a Halloween costume style Lederhosen; they are offensive and awful to wear. Such Oktoberfest Lederhosen might come cheap, but they fit poorly, are manufactured and designed below par, lack pockets, and have thinner fabric. 

As apparent with the name Lederhosen, the leather pants or breeches are Authentic Oktoberfest Lederhosen. At Lederhosen Store, they are made of top-quality genuine leather. In contrast, the lower-quality costumes ones, which are made of thin cotton. They make you look bizarre and are not very practical compared to the Authentic Lederhosen outfit. 

Word of Advice – If you do not wish to spend money on an accurately fitting pair of Lederhosen outfits, then you will be better off attending the Oktoberfest clad in your jeans and a Bavarian Lederhosen shirt. Rather than wearing a rickety-looking Halloween costume without any pockets. 

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Lederhosen Vs Bundhosen

The difference between Lederhosen and Bundhosen – Authentic Bundhosen and Lederhosen are both famous as Oktoberfest dress-up options and on many other occasions – such as a wedding or any other formal or semi-formal event. 

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The difference between the two lies in the trouser length, with Lederhosen being a bit shorter than Long brown mens Bundhosen.  Yet, both of these have remained popular throughout history and in recent times too. 

Reason for Selection – The main factor affecting the selection between the two is the weather. Bundhosen are longer and offer extra cover suitable for colder weather – however, Oktoberfest in Munich starts around autumn.

Both Lederhosen and Bundhosen are worn to Oktoberfest – men, and women of all ages, backgrounds, and sizes don these as the weather is quite pleasant in Munich. Usually, Lederhosen is more commonly seen at Oktoberfest since it was the Bavarians’ original costume for the first Oktoberfest celebrations of 1810. Yet, it all boils down to your personal style and preference. 

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Whether Lederhosen or Bundhosen, both look dandy when paired with the right accessories. Let’s talk about some Lederhosen accessories.

Stories About Lederhosen
Oktoberfest Lederhosen

Authentic Oktoberfest Hats and Gamsbarts

You don’t need to wear a hat with your Lederhosen or Bundhosen; however, if you do, the felt or wool Alpine and Bavarian hats are the best choice.  The common Oktoberfest hat name and type is Tirolerhüte – and they are the best for your Oktoberfest dress up

An authentic Oktoberfest hat will be soft to the touch, and a bit flexible, plus their sizing is quite comfortable. A genuine Bavarian hat is a far cry from cheap Halloween costume hats, which are cheaply made and are one size fits all. 

Additionally, these cheap hats are either too stiff or too floppy. An authentic Oktoberfest hat won’t cost you a fortune but will last you a long time. 

Groups of Bavarian men wear similar-looking German hats for Oktoberfest as there are quite a few fraternal clubs in Munich where members usually dress the same. The most common style of a Bavarian hat among these local groups will be round and flat with a low profile.

However, at Lederhosen Store, we recommend taller Alpine hiker hats. They look fantastic and provide the surface area to fasten Gamsbarts brush, gamsbarts theme pins, Oktoberfest hat pins, other souvenir pins, and decorative feathers. 

Other than German hats for Oktoberfest, you will also see many people wearing saggy farmer hats – the sepplhut – as well as a few beer stein shape hats, Harry Potter wizard hats, and some chicken drumstick hats. However, we have yet to see a local wearing one of those funny hats. 

If you want an authentic Oktoberfest dress up, we suggest that you go for an authentic Oktoberfest peasant hat rather than a touristy hat.


Gamsbart Hat Pin & Feathers 

An authentic Oktoberfest hat (hut) will typically have a lone pheasant feather on the side for decoration. Supplementing this feather to a peacock, ostrich, or a pin bundle of feathers is a sure way to tell that you didn’t not buy your Bavarian hat off the rack, and it has a story attached to it. 

Usually, the bigger the tuft of hair or the feather on your Oktoberfest hat, the richer you were – as it is a sign of high social standing. 

For an even posher look, replace the feathers on your hat with a brush of Chamois hair (a European goat) or a wild boar. The first noble person to do that was Emperor Maximilian I. He wore a brush of hair (Radlbart) on his hat in the 1400s. 

Much later, Archduke Johann of Austria wore and popularized the huge plumes of hair known as Gamsbarts (Hat Beard) in the 1700s. It is a sight to behold when 200-300 strands of hair bounce and flow as you move your head.  

A wide range of colors and styles of Gamsbart brush and Gamsbart hat are designed explicitly for Oktoberfest. A Gamsbart hat pin is made from colored feathers that are held down with pewter holders; matching your gamsbarts holder with your accessories can be another nice touch for your overall look.

When it comes to a Gamsbart hat, Gamsbart hat pin, or a pheasant feather, all these can prove to be a valuable accessory for your Oktoberfest outfit – so it is worth looking into them. 

Tons of local and online shops carry collections of Gamsbart for sale, complete with holders and hats. So it will be pretty easy for you to find one that suits your taste and style. 

Along with the Gamsbart brush and Gamsbart hat, it has been a long-standing custom to add Volksmarching (pewter pins) to the side of your authentic Oktoberfest hat based on what cities you have been to and also your interests such as hiking or hunting. 

Adding pins will add a statement to your hat that tells a story about itself and you. These pins are a great conversation starter, and there are tons of Gamsbart for sale collections both online and otherwise that can add a sentimental and personal touch to your Oktoberfest hat.

Bavarian Shirts

Bavarian Lederhosen shirt or Hemd is the most popular style of checkered shirts. Bavarian shirts can be a solid color but commonly are a plaid pattern checkered in either blue or red. While choosing your shirt, remember blue and white are the official colors of Bavaria, but you can go in a bolder direction with your Lederhosen shirt choice if it suits your style. 

Men’s checkerd shirts for the working class would traditionally be white on a weekday, pink on weekends, and extra-long so they could be untucked and used as a nightshirt.

Bavarian shirts at Oktoberfest are short-sleeved, while most are long-sleeved but rolled up for that brute masculine look of a Lederhosen. An arm button lets you easily roll up the sleeves and hold them in place. Nowadays, it has become more common to wear a slim-fitting Bavarian Lederhosen shirt in contrast to the older baggy styles. Still, the hidden arm button is available on both types. 

Please, under any circumstance, do not wear a t-shirt to Oktoberfest or shirts that have huge pictures and names of your city embalmed on them – otherwise, you will be the clichéd tourist at Oktoberfest. 

The minimum effort you should put in your Oktoberfest dress up is at least a pair of jeans and a checkered shirt, but at all costs, avoid t-shirts, soccer jerseys, and corny shirts with the city/country you are from splashed all over it. 

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Tip: If you want to showcase the beauty of your authentic Lederhosen and leather German suspenders, pair it with a crisp white shirt or a traditional Bavarian box embroidered shirt that will enhance the grainy texture of your leather Lederhosen and will make you look a million bucks.

Lederhosen Suspenders

Lederhosen belt and suspenders usually come with an authentic Bavarian Lederhosen. However, you can buy lederhosen suspenders separately too. German suspenders or hosenträger are the pinnacle of classic Lederhosen look which even come with a short fit well enough to stay up on their own. 

The front strap breastplate or bruststueck makes an H across the chest while the straps crisscross on the back. 

An embroidered front strap and bruststueck on your Oktoberfest suspenders is traditionally an excellent way to add some flair to your Oktoberfest costume.

If you want to go the extra mile for your Oktoberfest dress up and have the budget for it, get yourself a stylish trachten vest and beautify your Lederhosen set even more. You can supplement your Oktoberfest suspenders which are removable, with the trachten vest

For bespoke Lederhosen sets, your Oktoberfest Lederhosen suspenders will be easy to adjust with your height or swap out the cheat plate, white the low-quality Halloween costume Lederhosen doesn’t not give any room for adjustment at all.

This particular problem makes cheaper Lederhosen more irritating as they not only fit poorly, but the strap will constantly be falling off your shoulders.

To sum up, it is essential to buy an authentic Lederhosen set for Oktoberfest instead of the Halloween costume style.

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Oktoberfest Shoes

Locals of Bavaria wear traditional Bavarian shoes called Half Shoe or Haferlschuh; they are a perfect marriage between a dress shoe and a work boot. The ankle-length half-shoes mostly have rubber-cleated bumps on wooden bottoms but have soft suede leather on top. 

Traditionally, as far as back as the 1600s, the wooden bottoms on the Lederhosen shoes were made as work shoes for the farmers working on sharp slopes. The Lederhosen shoes are designed to be comfortable, trendy, and, most importantly, durable. 

When it comes to traditional dress-up, you should never wear tennis or basketball shoes with your Lederhosen. A few brands are making leather tracht sneakers that, to some extent, are a great alternative.

Bavarian shoes or Oktoberfest shoes are your best bet but if you are on a budget or don’t want to pack an extra pair of Oktoberfest shoes, consider wearing your above ankle pair of leather hiking shoes or work boots. 

Try to find something that is not too much of a work shoe and neither a dress shoe. Hiking shoes will work too when worn with slouchy socks, yet avoid basketball sneakers at all costs as they will make you look like a tourist.

Lederhosen Shoes for Sale

Lederhosen shoes at Lederhosen Store are designed by keeping your comfort in mind. With a heavy sole and side tie lacing that comes in contrasting colors. The side lacing gives our Oktoberfest shoes a classic rustic look, and that, when coupled with embossed hand embroidery – makes their look and quality a one-of-a-kind trachten marvel. 

Tip: Avoid wearing sandals; those will make you look touristy. Also, open-toe shoes are a safety risk at Oktoberfest owing to debris and the occasional broken glass in Oktoberfest tents

Additionally, pair your Bavarian shoes with traditional Bavarian socks to complete your Oktoberfest dress up.

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Bavarian Socks

Lederhosen socks for Oktoberfest are available in wool, but most are made from cotton with checkered patterns or stripes. Plain slouchy socks as Oktoberfest socks are typical; still, the most fantastic combo is a low-cut sock with a mid-shin wool leg warmer worn on the calves; traditionally, this style of socks is called a Loferl -or- Wadlstrumpf

Remember, in Bavaria, the double stripes go on top and are folded with a piece of elastic or thread to keep them up – this is for Loferl style Lederhosen socks


Lederhosen Jackets, waistcoats and Vests

Every Lederhosen set has a traditional Bavarian waistcoat, and every Bavarian man has either a sturdy vest or a woolen jacket – collarless – to complement their Oktoberfest costume

A traditional vest is called Prien and is worn with a leather belt instead of suspenders. 

Most Bavarian waistcoat models are flat material, but many are quilted. The waistcoats also have pockets, so you always have extra space to hold your important stuff. 

Some of the Trachten vest models have bone, metal, or buckhorn buttons as rustic embellishments. The traditional trachten vest can be paired with a tracht tie – not similar to a business tie – while these are also worn with fancy or rather plain metal tie rings. 

At Lederhosen Store, we love a traditional embroidered German waistcoat; trust us, these waistcoats will liven up your Lederhosen set and your Oktoberfest dress up look tenfold.

Men’s Accessories for Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest dress up for a guy in Munich; there are not as many accessory options as there are for women. Still, there are a few creative ones. You can add pins, feathers, and Gamsbarts hat pin to your hats. Also, you can add a trendy flair to your Lederhosen by sporting some Charivari chains. 

A Charivari chain can be a gorgeous yet trendy addition to your Oktoberfest gear and your Lederhosen set. An ornamental Charivari chain is often packed with pewter coins and pieces of stag antler or other hunting and Oktoberfest elements.

Fun Fact:  If the chain is attached to your pocket watch – Taschenuhren – it is then called a Mieder instead of a Charivari – be mindful of this fact when you shop online.

Traditionally the Charivari chains are family heirlooms passed on to the next generation on their 21st birthday, from your wife, or inherited from your late father. You can attach the Charivari chains either to the lap of your Lederhosen, to the chest straps, or to your vests – if you plan to wear one.

When it comes to other Lederhosen or Oktoberfest accessories for men, you can sport an inscribed Wiesn Klammer clothespin, a splendid belt buckle, a short scarf, or a handkerchief tie – Nickituch. 

These ties are straightforward as they are just a bandana loosely tied in a double knot with the knot facing forward. 

Longer handkerchiefs were once popular among men who chewed tobacco or took snuff, but these days a small handkerchief as a pocket square is seen in the pocket of a Bavarian waistcoat

While bracelets and wristwatches are not traditional Bavarian wardrobe items and can also look awkward with a Lederhosen set, they are still totally fine to wear.

Is Shopping Online for an Oktoberfest Lederhosen Set, Worth it? 

While a school of thought argues on trying on things beforehand, most prefer shopping for Oktoberfest costumes online to have them before arriving in Munich or at Oktoberfest. 

Buying your Lederhosen and Lederhosen accessories complete with Bavarian shirts, authentic Lederhosen, Bavarian Hat, Gamsbart hat pin, Lederhosen belt, German suspenders, Lederhosen socks, Bavarian waistcoat, and Bavarian shoes  (take a breath, you do not have to get all of these, choose what fits your plans for your unique Oktoberfest dress up) ahead of time will help you save precious time. Time from going from store to store can be spent enjoying your vacation. 

The options available online can go both ways. They can be either bespoke authentic or cheap costumey styles – we at Lederhosen Store highly recommend spending an extra couple of bucks and buying an authentic Oktoberfest outfit.  

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How Much Should I Pay For My Outfit?

Authentic Oktoberfest costumes can cost you around $150 to $250, but they can still go up to thousands of dollars owing to the details and accessories you want with them. If you are on a budget and can only afford cheaper costume-style outfits, always remember you get what you pay for. 

We suggest that you get an authentic Bavarian Shirt and wear it with your regular jeans; this way, you can easily blend in with the locals, and you pay respect to the centuries-old Bavarian culture. 

However, if you are lucky, you can find steep discounts on quality Lederhosen products – the key is to look for timely sales – like the one going on now at the Lederhosen Store

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Lederhosen Sale 2024

A huge collection of Lederhosen for Sale products is on massive discounts at our online shop – the Lederhosen Store. Our designers create bespoke genuine leather authentic Lederhosen outfits and Bundhosen outfit.

We want your experience to be a pleasant one and also hassle-free. We carry a selection of Oktoberfest products, including tons of Lederhosen accessories, Bavarian shirts, Bavarian socks, German suspenders, traditional Bavarian shoes, Bavarian waistcoats, and much more – all on massive Sale prices. 

Pick your authentic Oktoberfest outfit today and enjoy the massive discounts on all of our products plus, there is no place like the Lederhosen Store where you can plan your entire Oktoberfest dress-up look and get the whole Lederhosen set in one place – that too just a click away.

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