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We offer a complete array of authentic German dirndl dresses that will certainly catch your attention. Designed elegantly, this vibrant range of German dirndls draws inspiration from the Bavarian and Alpine regions. Authentic German dirndl is categorized among those well-known German dirndl dresses and other German dirndls for sale.The designers of these Bavarian dirndl dresses have worked on the finer intricacies for German costume-making, which has resulted in outstanding dirndl dresses.

Our offer includes a huge range of blouses, skirts, dirndls, and aprons. These can be used in combinations in order to make you look smashing. Your taste will drive the selection and matching you settle for. Also, there are some brilliant colorful collections of our imported dirndl dress range on sale.


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These traditional Bavarian dirndl dresses have been designed according to current fashion trends and to meet the demands of people who look out for this kind. Wearing our women’s dirndl will let you experience what it means to feel angelic, provocative and sassy.

Traditional dirndl dresses have also begun reappearing in the U.S. and many other countries. You can change your wardrobe when you add these dresses to it, and you will always find that your wardrobe is incomplete without these dresses. You will find yourself coming back for more of these dresses, wherever you are.


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These form-fitting women’s dirndl dresses have peasant dress features that carry a traditional gingham apron. They also have amazing blouses that have characteristic puffy sleeves along with a bodice-accentuating neckline. When wearing these dresses, you will feel transformed and fashion forward, especially if you’re at your next cultural event.

We have a wide range of women’s dirndl for you to pick from at our dirndl shop online. Nothing makes a bigger statement than our popular oktoberfest dirndl outfits. Make sure you take advantage of our oktoberfest dirndl dresses.

Women’s Drindl History
Drindl dresses have their roots in playful costumes that were used during the 19th century, in Austria and Bavaria. However, this type of dirndl costume was also a work uniform for most servant women. However, through time, this dress was adapted by upper class folk who fancied the elegance of this dress. This is how this dress went on to reach mainstream fashion, where the women’s dirndl is now accepted as a bold statement depicting class and style.

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Usually, you will find that the material used for making our dirndls for sale is usually cotton. Also, at our trachten dirndl shop, the aprons you get are mostly of silk. To ensure that your German dirndl dress range last long, you should follow the cleaning instructions that accompany them. Avoid machine washing your dress, and dry cleaning is recommended. Steam cleaning your German Dirndl dress is ideal because it helps keep the wrinkles away.