Women Oktoberfest Costumes

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Since a few years, beer festivals feature something unique. Just has other traditions at the Oktoberfest are changing with time to adjust to new trends, girls have shifted from dirndl, the traditional German dress for women to the classic Oktoberfest costume: Lederhosen for women.

We offer some of the most amazing designs for the women of the modern era. Bold and trendy, the German dress is available with chic blouses and shorts that are tailored to your style. Blouses are stitched to ensure that they go well with the shorts and make for a great women’s Oktoberfest outfit. Colors are many to choose from: from bright reds and blues to simple checkerboard prints in pastel colors, you will most surely find one that suits your classic German costume for women. The lederhosen for women offers so much design, you can even go with plain t-shirts and still end up pulling a chic look.

Black lederhosen are the most famous women’s Oktoberfest costume. Fine embroidered flowery prints offered in soothing pinks and purples are made on the finest black cow suede leather. Suspenders are given an extra dose of threadwork to make it more embellished than the Oktoberfest costume for men. Overall, the women’s Oktoberfest outfit is sporty and elegant, and adds zing to your festivity!

For a softer look choose a lighter coloured pair of shorts which can be paired up with a low cut blouse. We go the extra mile to bring quality and style together so that when you go out to search for the perfect Oktoberfest women’s outfit, you are flooded with nothing but the best.

More and more women are opting for the lederhosen as their choice of Oktoberfest clothing. We offer the most stylish range in both types of designs. Dirndl still qualifies as the ultimate traditional German dress and brings out the most out of a traditional German event like the Oktoberfest. The shorts are replaced with skirts of elegant lengths and cuts.

Fancy heels spice up your overall look and help you put up that amazing look you had pictured for your Oktoberfest this time around!